·  WANdisco's platform to facilitate petabyte scale cloud migration without business interruption within the world's largest cloud ecosystem

·  LiveData Platform automates and minimises risk of Hadoop migration with an expected ROI of three months

·  New service platform to be further enhanced with two initial bespoke service offerings for data migration and data consistency

SAN RAMON, California, June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WANdisco (LSE: WAND) ("WANdisco" or the "Company"), the LiveData company for machine learning and AI, announces the availability of WANdisco LiveData Platform for Azure in limited public preview, a new Azure service offering available exclusively on Microsoft Azure. This launch marks a landmark occasion in WANdisco's vendor partnership strategy, with the Company being the first independent software vendor to be integrated as a service within Microsoft Azure.

Customers are able to leverage this new Azure service with the same seamless experience as any other native Azure service. The LiveData Platform services are fully integrated in the Azure Customer Portal, including the billing experience.

WANdisco management in conjunction with Microsoft are targeting an addressable market of 200-300 exabytes of data on-premise, and over the next 12 months expect to sign over 50 new customers on the Azure platform.

The WANdisco LiveData Platform features the Company's patented consensus engine which ensures data consistency, accuracy, and accessibility across all environments - on-premise, hybrid (on-premise and cloud), hybrid cloud, multi-region or multi-cloud. Enterprises looking to migrate their on-premise data lake into the cloud can use WANdisco LiveData Platform on Azure for a turnkey data migration solution with zero business downtime. 

WANdisco is also pleased to announce two initial services available exclusively on the WANdisco LiveData Platform that work in conjunction to address five further data migration scenarios at petabyte scale that would otherwise be insurmountable. The two products work to establish an active-active data plane between locations, enabling data consistency between an enterprise's Big Data Hadoop environment located on-premise and in Azure Data Lake Storage:

  • LiveData Migrator for Azure - performs single scan migration of data
  • LiveData Plane for Azure - ensures any data changes are immediately captured and reflected

Further details on LiveData Migrator and LiveData Plane will be made available in a following press release.

Leading up to Public Preview and in collaboration with Microsoft, WANdisco worked with Infosys Ltd and a select number of customers in Private Preview that successfully deployed the LiveData Platform and utilised the LiveData Migrator for Azure application. This initial success has led to excitement and momentum in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

Satish HC, Executive Vice President, Data & Analytics, Infosys Ltd, commented:

"WANdisco technology provides a unique platform to migrate "live" data at scale into and within Azure without business disruption. We have proven its capabilities in a multi-petabyte scale customer environment. The native integration with Azure simplifies deployment and makes LiveData Migrator for Azure the primary choice in live data migration scenarios. We look forward to working closely with WANdisco in the future to capitalise on the migration opportunity."

Tad Brockway, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Azure Storage, Media and Edge, commented:

"Customers have a significant opportunity to optimize costs and expand analytics and insights capabilities by moving their on-premise data lakes to the cloud. WANDisco LiveData Migrator and LiveData Plane are the first offerings to provide a fully integrated and turnkey experience for customers migrating Hadoop data into Azure Data Lake Storage seamlessly and without business disruption."

WANdisco CEO and Chairman David Richards, commented:

"We are excited to be the first ISV launching a new service in Microsoft Azure. The LiveData Platform service along with LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure offerings are the culmination of joint engineering work between WANdisco and Microsoft, with the objective of creating a new native Azure service built around data movement and data consistency.

"These are just the first with plans to continue building more turnkey solutions. Customers are already seeing the benefits and we are excited to unlock this over $1B market opportunity we have with Microsoft. We are also excited to play a key role in the ADLS Data Lake Migration Program."

This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 ("MAR"). Upon the publication of this announcement, this inside information is now considered to be in the public domain.

For the purposes of MAR and Article 2 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1055, this announcement is being made on behalf of the Company by David Richards, CEO and Chairman.

About WANdisco

WANdisco is the LiveData company for machine learning and AI. WANdisco solutions enable enterprises to create an environment where data is always available, accurate and protected, creating a strong backbone for their IT infrastructure and a bedrock for running consistent, accurate machine learning applications. With zero downtime and zero data loss, WANdisco Fusion keeps geographically dispersed data at any scale consistent between on-premises and cloud environments allowing businesses to operate seamlessly in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. WANdisco has over a hundred customers and significant go-to-market partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle, and others as well as OEM relationships with IBM and Alibaba. For more information on WANdisco, visit http://www.wandisco.com 

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