ICG: Notification of Transactions of Directors 
   Intermediate Capital Group PLC (the "Company") 
   4 January 2021 
   Vesting of Share Awards/Notification of Transactions of Directors 
   The Company wishes to announce that on 1 January 2021 the following 
number of ordinary shares of the Company vested under the terms of PLC 
Equity Awards made to Vijay Bharadia under the Intermediate Capital 
Group Omnibus Plan: 
   Dates of Grant:                                     1 August 2019 
   Aggregate Number of Shares Vested:      9,389 
   The Director met certain liabilities for income tax and national 
insurance contributions on the vesting of his Awards by agreeing to sell 
the number of shares shown below in London on 1 January 2021 at a price 
of GBP17.26 per share. 
   Number of Shares Sold to Cover Tax:        4,413 
   Total Number of Shares Received:             4,976 
   As a consequence of the above transaction Vijay Bharadia and his 
connected persons had an interest in 20,822 ordinary shares in the 
Company, representing less than 0.01% of the total issued share capital 
(excluding treasury shares) of Intermediate Capital Group PLC. 
   Investor Enquiries: 
   Christopher Hunt 
   Investor Relations, ICG plc 
   +44 (0) 20 3545 2020 
   Andrew Lewis 
   Company Secretary, ICG plc 
   +44 (0) 20 3545 1344 

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January 04, 2021 04:08 ET (09:08 GMT)

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