Umbria Network is Silver Partner for the Crypto AM London Blockchain & DeFi Summit and Awards


- Joins CUDOS, Luno, MELD, Coinpass, CEX.IO, GlobalBlock as supporter of prominent industry event -



Umbria Network is an official partner at the Crypto AM London Blockchain & DeFi Summit and Crypto AM Awards on September 29th and 30th.


Celebrating innovation and excellence in blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrency, the two-day live event will bring together the UK's most pioneering individuals and projects in the space. Delegates will take part in roundtable and panel discussions and hear from industry leaders in what promises to be a lively and informative networking occasion. The London-based event will culminate with the Crypto AM Awards, which will honour the exceptional achievements of those working within the AI, cryptocurrency, blockchain and DeFi communities. Winners will be announced on September 30th at the Gala VIP reception and dinner.


"We at Umbria share Crypto AM's objectives of making DeFi and crypto accessible to the masses, sharing ideas and celebrating the amazing feats within our industry," said xxxx.  "Crypto AM and its founder James Bowater have been early supporters of our project, so we are thrilled to be partner for this key industry event."  


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 About Umbria


Umbria is a Decentralised Finance protocol, which is creating low-cost and easy-to-use DeFi applications. Umbria aims to demystify and simplify DeFi and get people earning income on their crypto. 


Umbria's first partnership - with Polygon - is seeing it use Polygon's Ethereum scaling solution to develop a suite of popular DeFi features at fractional on-chain cost of many current DeFi platforms with greater transaction speed. Umbria is actively developing further collaborations in the DeFi space. 


Umbria's Layer 2 Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and farm for its native governance token UMBR and the popular MATIC token launched in May 2021. This farm and the previous one have been characterised by consistently high APY. 


Umbria's cross-chain bridge (Narni) - an industry game changer - facilitates easier, quicker and cheaper transfer of assets between different blockchain ecosystems. The bridge also enables people to stake their tokens and earn APY like they would in traditional farming. The APY is expected to be particularly attractive for stablecoins. 


Its governance token $UMBR is available on Uniswap as well as Umbria's DEX. Other facilities will continue to come online which will utilise the Umbria protocol and its governance token. 

UK-publicly listed Online Blockchain plc (LSE: OBC) acts as Umbria's coordinator, administrator and advisor. This provides a level of transparency rare in the DeFi space.











UmbriaToken (COIN:UMBRUSD)
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UmbriaToken (COIN:UMBRUSD)
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De Feb 2022 a Feb 2023 Haga Click aquí para más Gráficas UmbriaToken.