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Turkish Jewelry, with its 7000-year-long heritage, continues to increase export volumes with more than 35,000 retail brands, 6,000 producers and 1,000 service firms. Turkey is one of the leading jewelry markets in the world together with the United Kingdom, the USA, China, the UAE, and India.

Turkey has the 11th largest stock of gold in the world. In 2017, it was the 10th highest global exporter of jewelry, reaching a value of $4.1 billion and constituting 4.5% of the world jewelry exports.

A new record was set in 2018, with total exports amounting to $4.54 billion, a 35% increase compared to the previous year. Boosted by this continuous increase, Turkey's Jewelry sector has set its target for 2023 to $12 billion in exports which China contitutes $61 million of it.

30,000 Jewelry Specialist from 120 Countries  

To reach the targets, Jewelry Exports Association is organizing Istanbul Jewelry Show twice in a year which hosts the global jewelry brands in Istanbul.

48th Istanbul Jewelry Show which will occur between 21st & 24th of March at CNR Expo will host 1,250 brands and over 30,000 business people from 120 countries. This year, Istanbul Jewelry Show is getting ready to welcome the group of International Buyers Committee of 1,500 people from target markets.

Craftmanship and heritage 

Did you know that haute couture jewelry set its roots during the Ottoman times? Buyers and designers all around the globe have been trading jewelry in Grand Bazaar for centuries. Turkish jewelry has evolved and influenced many jewelry designers throughout history. All around the globe, there are many successful Turkish jewelry designer labels that are globally sold in well-known department stores from Saks Fifth Avenue to Selfridges, such as Roberto Bravo, Kismet by Milka, Sevan Bicakci, Gurhan, and Tohum.

"Globally, appreciation and awareness for the design and quality of Turkish jewelry are rising. Jewelry designs and private Turkish labels are standing out in the global arena. More specifically, Istanbul is becoming the new heart of jewelry trade with increasing B2B visitors. Every year, in March and October, Istanbul Jewelry Shows gathers buyers, influencers and decision-makers from all around the globe," stated Mustafa Kamar, Chairman of both the Istanbul Jewelry Exporter Association and the private Turkish Jewelry brand Roberto Bravo. He added: "In 2019, we aim to increase export volumes to China and make Istanbul Jewelry Show the 3rd biggest jewelry trade show in the world."

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