15 June 2021 
                                  Imperial X 
                         (Imperial X or the "Company") 
                 (Soon to be renamed Cloudbreak Discovery Plc) 
                        Imperial X and Alianza Minerals 
                 Form Southern US Copper Exploration Alliance 
Imperial X PLC (LSE: CDL) and Alianza Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: ANZ, OTCQB: TARSF) 
("Alianza") announce the two companies have formed a strategic alliance to 
explore for copper deposits in the United States. This alliance will focus on 
the identification, acquisition and advancement of copper projects in the 
states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Together, the two companies 
intend to identify new copper exploration opportunities to acquire and advance 
with the intent of finding a partner to further the projects. 
Kyler Hardy, President and CEO of Imperial X expressed his enthusiasm for 
working with the Alianza team, "Entering into this alliance will enhance our 
initial target evaluation and accelerate our ability to pursue opportunities 
throughout the region with enticing examples of mineralization to target. These 
are the types of relationships that have worked well for Imperial X's 
management team in past transactions and follows in line with the objectives of 
Imperial X." 
Jason Weber, President and CEO of Alianza, noted that "We are looking forward 
to identifying a robust portfolio of copper projects with the Imperial X team. 
We started this process in 2020 and are excited to bring Imperial X's 
expertise, together with our own, to take advantage of these opportunities." 
Under the terms of the alliance, either company can introduce projects to the 
strategic alliance. Projects accepted into the alliance will be held 50/50 but 
funding of the initial acquisition and any preliminary work programs will be 
funded 40% by the introducing partner and 60% by the other party. Project 
expenditures are determined by committee, consisting of two senior management 
personnel from each party. Alianza is the operator of alliance projects unless 
the alliance steering committee determines that Imperial X would be a more 
suitable operator, on a case-by-case basis. The initial term of the alliance is 
two years and can be extended for an additional two years. 
Alianza and Imperial X expect to make project acquisitions for the alliance and 
start exploring imminently. 
For additional information please contact: 
Imperial X PLC            Tel: +1 604 428 9480 
                          Kyler Hardy, CEO          khardy@cloudbreakdiscovery.com 
                          Kyle Hookey, Director     khookey@cloudbreakdiscovery.com 
Novum Securities          Tel: +44 7399 9400 
Financial Adviser and 
                          David Coffman / Lucy 
                          Colin Rowbury 
Blytheweigh               Tel: +44 207 138 3204     Cloudbreak@blytheweigh.com 
(Financial PR/IR-London) 
                          Tim Blythe 
                          Megan Ray 
About Imperial X 
Imperial X PLC, which will change its name to Cloudbreak Discovery PLC as soon 
as practicable, is a leading natural resource project generator, working across 
a wide array of mineral assets that are being developed and managed by an 
experienced team with a proven track record. Value accretion within the 
projects being developed by the Cloudbreak's generative model enables a multi 
asset approach to investing. Diversification within the mining sector and 
amongst resource classes is key to withstanding the cycles of natural resource 
About Alianza Minerals Ltd. 
Alianza employs a hybrid business model of joint venture funding and 
self-funded projects to maximize opportunity for exploration success. The 
Company currently has gold, silver and base metal projects in Yukon Territory, 
British Columbia, Colorado, Nevada and Peru. Alianza currently has one project 
(Tim, Yukon Territory) optioned out to Coeur Mining, Inc. and a copper 
exploration alliance in the southern United States with Cloudbreak Discovery 
PLC. Alianza also is seeking partners on other projects. The Company is listed 
on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "ANZ" and trades on the OTCQB 
market in the US under the symbol "TARSF". 

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June 15, 2021 03:00 ET (07:00 GMT)

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