Sanlam Group to use LiveData Migrator and LiveData Plane to optimize its disaster recovery infrastructure

SAN RAMON, Calif., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- WANdisco (WAND.L), the LiveData company, announced today that it has won a contract with South African financial services group, Sanlam, to migrate hundreds of terabytes of business-critical unstructured data to a new environment, which will serve as its disaster recovery infrastructure. As one of South Africa's largest financial services businesses with a presence in 44 countries globally, including 33 African countries, Sanlam selected WANdisco to migrate their Hadoop data from Cloudera CDP on-premises to another on-premises CDP cluster, which will continue to replicate any ongoing changes from the primary CDP environment. The long-term goal is to also replicate this data to cloud data lake solutions to enable additional analytical use-cases.

WANdisco LiveData Migrator will be used for the initial migration as well as for the ongoing replication of changes from source to target. The new infrastructure will be used to scale out and handle additional capacity and changes within either environment while automatically replicating data to ensure 100% data consistency and integrity between the two environments.

"We were impressed with WANdisco's unique capabilities for real-time replication without disrupting our production environments," said Sanlam Big Data Platform Owner Jacques  Joubert. "It was critical to us that data in our disaster recovery cluster is kept in sync with our primary cluster as closely as possible to enable a near zero Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective. WANdisco and its partners provided Sanlam with great support during the product evaluation. They addressed our questions and concerns in an efficient and professional manner, and delivered results within the timeline they promised. We look forward to building a productive and ongoing relationship with WANdisco."

WANdisco worked on this agreement in tight collaboration with its local South African partners Blue Turtle, a leading systems integrator. Headquartered in South Africa, Sanlam is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Namibian Stock Exchange and the A2X Stock Exchange. Founded in 1918, Sanlam is classified as a domestic systemically important financial institution in South Africa, empowering generations to be financially secure, confident and prosperous in all the markets where they are present.

"LiveData Migrator and LiveData Plane combine to deliver a risk-free disaster recovery solution," said WANdisco Founder and CEO, David Richards. "LiveData Migrator makes it easy to move business critical data at any scale while LiveData Plane ensures fully consistent replication across all environments. Customers from a wide variety of industries and regions are discovering and utilizing WANdisco's technology to help them remain competitive by ensuring their data is secure, and accessible from anywhere and at any time."

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