Mindtech Announces Partnership with GIGABYTE

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Mindtech Announces Partnership with GIGABYTE

Combines Mindtech's Chameleon AI Training Platform with GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd.'s servers enabling rapid creation of massive datasets for training neural networks

LONDON, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Training AI for visual tasks requires vast amounts of accurately annotated images or video. The Chameleon platform creates and "films" virtual worlds to produce synthetic data for neural network training; synthetic data which accurately models real world appearances, physics and behaviors.  This is efficiently achieved at server scale, and GIGABYTE's servers are designed with this type of task in mind.

Mindtech (PRNewsfoto/Mindtech Global Ltd)

The Chameleon platform is designed to scale through effective use of CPU(s) threads and cores, offloading to GPU(s) where possible to fully utilize all available resources.  The Docker containerization of the platform ensures that running on the GIGABYTE platform is effective and straightforward.  This server-scalability is used to allow Mindtech to create "ready-to-train" Data Packs, where images and advanced annotations are supplied, enabling customers to create AI assisted applications in Smart City, Smart Machine and Smart Vision including retail, premise management, robotics and transportation.  These Data Packs allow customers a rapid route to market, covering key data requirements including difficult to capture corner cases.

"Creating and processing data for training AI takes significant compute resource, and GIGABYTE's servers are an excellent platform upon which to build a solution for synthetic data creation," said Mindtech's VP of Product Management Chris Longstaff. "They offer an industry leading balance of CPU, GPU and memory, in a power efficient system making them an ideal partner for our Chameleon platform.  Close coupling the creation of the synthetic data on the same GIGABYTE system that will be used for training the AI system offers significant performance and efficiency gains."

"Successful implementation of neural networks requires huge amounts of data," said GIGABYTE's VP of Engineering Andy Chen. "Mindtech's Chameleon platform democratizes the availability of this 'big-data' by allowing any company to create massive amounts of perfectly annotated synthetic data.  Through the containerization of the Chameleon platform with technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, it is a perfect match to our DNN platform, enabling rapid creation of large synthetic data sets which in turn permits our customers to create innovative solutions, with a fast time to market."

Mindtech's Chameleon platform and Data Packs are available for immediate licensing.

For more information on Mindtech's Chameleon Platform please contact chris.longstaff@mindtech.global.

For more information on GIGABYTE's servers please contact server.grp@gigabyte.com.

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