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August 23, 2018 -- ADVFN Crypto NewsWire


General Market Outlook

The market is now slumping after a few days of reversal. Nearly all coins are down percentages less than 5% and trading volume has moved between $14 billion and $11 Billion in 24 hours. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and Theta Token (THETA) are the major stand outs of the top 100 coins by market cap - up over 40% 12% respectively in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin (BTC) is right around  $6,500 for -1.5% and a total market dominance of 53.5%, and Ethereum (ETH) is right at 275? for -2.5% change in the past 24 hours. Market cap for the overall cryptocurrency market has lost around $6 billion late yesterday, and is now holding just under $209 billion total.


Major Headlines


LG’s “4th Industrial Revolution”

LG is planning to release new “strategic” brands for seven technology fields: blockchain “MonaChain”, data analytics and AI “DAP”, internet of things (IoT) “INFioT”, smart cities “City Hub”, smart factory “Factova”, robot services “Orott”, and smart energy “Enerdict.” The basic benefits of blockchain technology can be applied across the other six areas. LG values research and products in these areas to help develop a “fourth industrial revolution.” They released their first blockchain platform back in May of this year, called MonaChain. It focuses on digital certifications, community currencies, and supply chain management services.


$73 Million World Bank Blockchain Bond

Two weeks ago, the world bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD rated Aaa/AAA) chose Australia's Commonwealth Bank (CommBank) to arrange the bond issuance using their blockchain technology. $AUD Kangaroo bond, termed ‘bond-i’ is a “Blockchain Operated New Debt Instrument.” It was developed with the support and input of the investor community including Northern Trust, QBE and Treasury Corporation of Victoria. CommBank has been an industry leader in blockchain technology since the creation of their Blockchain Centre of Excellence. They are using a private Ethereum blockchain for this project, where the network will improve efficiency for bond transactions between sellers, buyers and banks.


New York River Dam Will Soon Mine Cryptocurrency

A California-based Bitcoin mining company repurposed a hydroelectric dam to service anew mining farm. The dam is located in Valatie Falls, New York. It was originally built in 1983 and has a capacity of 1-megawatt, which is only a fraction of a typical coal burning plant. It was sold to Valatie Falls Hydro, LLC using debt financing provided by DPW subsidiary Digital Power Lending in March 2018. The company will be using the AntEater miner, which was developed in early 2018 in collaboration with Samsung Semiconductors.


Top 5 Gainers

Super Bitcoin (SBTC) +125.88% at $9.22

Namecoin (NMC) +62.54% at $1.64

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) +42.18% at $1.56

Monero Classic (XMC) +39.76% at $1.86

RusGas (RGS) +31.76% at $0.000775


Top 5 Losers

Bitcoin File (BIFI) -% at $0.004081

PKG Token (PKG) -% at $0.000108

Karma (KRM) -% at $0.001574

Cryptaur (CPT) -% at $0.000869

New Power Coin (NPW) -% at $0.702432


New Coins Listed

Monkey Project (MONK) USDT pair listed to Cryptopia

Banyan Network (BBN) listed to Ethfinex

Digix Gold Token (DGX) listed to Ethfinex

Autonio (NIO) listed to Ethfinex

U Network (UUU) listed to




By: BGN Editorial Staff





Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Theta (THETA)



Super Bitcoin (SBTC)

Namecoin (NMC)

Monero Classic (XMC)

RusGas (RGS)

Bitcoin File (BIFI)

PKG Token (PKG)

Karma (KRM)

Cryptaur (CPT)

New Power Coin (NPW)

Bitcoin Diamond (COIN:BCDUSD)
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Bitcoin Diamond (COIN:BCDUSD)
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