Eve Sleep plc (EVE) 
Eve Sleep plc: Holding in Company 
02-Jan-2020 / 16:58 GMT/BST 
Dissemination of a Regulatory Announcement, transmitted by EQS Group. 
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. 
TR-1: Standard form for notification of major holdings 
NOTIFICATION OF MAJOR HOLDINGS (to be sent to the relevant 
issuer and to the FCA in Microsoft Word format if 
1a. Identity of the issuer              Eve Sleep plc 
or the underlying issuer 
of existing shares to 
which voting rights are 
1b. Please indicate if the issuer is a non-UK issuer 
(please mark with an "X" if appropriate) 
Non-UK issuer 
2. Reason for the notification (please mark the 
appropriate box or boxes with an "X") 
An acquisition or disposal of voting rights                X 
An acquisition or disposal of financial 
An event changing the breakdown of voting rights 
Other (please specify)iii: 
3. Details of person subject to the notification 
Name                         Aggregate of Standard Life 
                             Aberdeen plc affiliated 
                             investment management entities 
                             with delegated voting rights on 
                             behalf of multiple managed 
City and country of          Edinburgh, Scotland 
registered office (if 
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.)v 
City and country of 
registered office (if 
5. Date on which the         30/12/2019 
threshold was crossed or 
6. Date on which issuer      02/01/2020 
notified (DD/MM/YYYY): 
7. Total positions of person(s) subject to the 
notification obligation 
             % of      % of voting    Total of Total number of 
            voting   rights through   both in  voting rights of 
            rights      financial     % (8.A + issuervii 
            attache    instruments      8.B) 
             d to    (total of 8.B 1 
            shares      + 8.B 2) 
             of 8. 
Resulting    11.18        0.00         11.18      263,444,823 
on the date 
on which 
was crossed 
or reached 
Position of   N/A          N/A          N/A 
n (if 
8. Notified details of the resulting situation on the date on 
which the threshold was crossed or reachedviii 
A: Voting rights attached to shares 
Class/type    Number of voting rightsix            % of voting rights 
ISIN code 
            Direct           Indirect          Direct      Indirect 
           (Art 9 of        (Art 10 of        (Art 9 of    (Art 10 
           Directive         Directive        Directive       of 
         2004/109/EC)      2004/109/EC)     2004/109/EC)   Directiv 
           (DTR5.1)         (DTR5.2.1)        (DTR5.1)        e 
GB00BYWMFT51        N/A            29,452,532            N/A        11.18 
SUBTOTAL 8.                29,452,532                      11.18 
B 1: Financial Instruments according to Art. 13(1)(a) of 
Directive 2004/109/EC (DTR5.3.1.1 (a)) 
Type of       Expiration Exercise/         Number of voting         % of 
financial     datex      Conversion        rights that may be       votin 
instrument               Periodxi          acquired if the          g 
                                           instrument is            right 
                         SUBTOTAL 8. B 1 
B 2: Financial Instruments with similar economic effect 
according to Art. 13(1)(b) of Directive 2004/109/EC (DTR5.3.1.1 
Type   Expiration        Exercise/   Physical or cash      Number   % of 
of     datex             Conversion                        of       votin 
financ                   Period xi                         voting   g 
ial                                                        rights   right 
instru                               settlementxii                  s 
                                     SUBTOTAL 8.B.2 
9. Information in relation to the person subject to the 
notification obligation (please mark the 
applicable box with an "X") 
Person subject to the notification 
obligation is not controlled by any natural 
person or legal entity and does not control 
any other undertaking(s) holding directly 
or indirectly an interest in the 
(underlying) issuerxiii 
Full chain of controlled undertakings                  X 
through which the voting rights and/or the 
financial instruments are effectively held 
starting with the ultimate controlling 
natural person or legal entityxiv (please 
add additional rows as necessary) 
 Namexv     % of     % of     Total of both if it equals or is 
           voting   voting       higher than the notifiable 
           rights   rights                threshold 
           if it    through 
           equals  financial 
           or is   instrumen 
           higher  ts if it 
          than the equals or 
          notifiab is higher 
             le    than the 
          threshol notifiabl 
             d         e 
) Limited 
Standard   11.18     0.00                   11.18 
10. In case of proxy voting, please identify: 
Name of the proxy holder              N/A 
The number and % of voting rights     N/A 
The date until which the voting       N/A 
rights will be held 
11. Additional informationxvi 
In reference to Section 9, the shares detailed are managed by 
the named discretionary investment management entity within 
multiple portfolios on behalf of underlying clients, based on 
investment management agreements whereby the client has 
delegated the exercise of the voting power to the referenced 
investment manager. 
This disclosure also reflects the fact that the voting rights 
effectively held indirectly by the underlying intermediate 
holding company Standard Life Investments (Holdings) Limited 
("SLIHL") and held by the underlying investment management 
entity Standard Life Investments Limited ("SLIL") increased 
above the 11% notifiable threshold due to an in specie transfer 
on 30 December 2019. SLIHL now effectively holds and SLIL holds 
the delegated voting rights to 11.18% of the shares in Eve 
Sleep plc. 
Place of completion Edinburgh, United Kingdom 
Date of completion  02/01/2020 
ISIN:          GB00BYWMFT51 
Category Code: HOL 
TIDM:          EVE 
LEI Code:      2138007BAC29AUXWQE6 
Sequence No.:  38350 
EQS News ID:   946047 
End of Announcement EQS News Service 

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

January 02, 2020 11:58 ET (16:58 GMT)

Eve Sleep (LSE:EVE)
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