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Pires Investments PLC

15 June 2022

Pires Investments plc

("Pires" or the "Company")

Final Results for the year ended 31 December 2021

The Board of Pires Investments plc (AIM: PIRI), the investment company focused on next generation technology, announces its audited results for the 12-month period ended 31 December 2021.

Financial highlights

-- Profit achieved of GBP1.49 million during the period (14 months ended 31 December 2020: loss before taxation of GBP687,000)

-- Net asset value ("NAV") of GBP7,223,000 as at the period end (31 December 2020: GBP2,926,000), an increase of 147% compared to the prior year figure, equating to an increase of circa 100% in NAV per share to 4.57 pence since 31 December 2020

-- NAV at the end of the period does not include the impact of the recent significant increase in valuation of Getvisibility which took place in 2022 and from which the Company benefits through both its direct and indirect holdings in this company

Portfolio highlights

-- Effective interest in Sure Valley Ventures ("SVV") increased to circa 20% through the purchase of a shareholding in Sure Ventures plc ("SV plc")

   --    New investments made by SVV include Virtex, PreCog and Smarttech247 
   --    Further successful funding rounds for portfolio companies include: 

o Getvisibility - raised EUR1.1 million during 2021 and a further EUR10 million post period end

o VividQ - raised GBP11 million

o Ambisense - raised EUR3 million

o Admix - raised US$25 million

o CameraMatics raised EUR4 million and then a further EUR3.9 million

-- Significant increase in the valuation of a number of portfolio companies based on new funding rounds involving third party investors

-- Portfolio companies, both direct or via SVV, continue to attract international investors such as EQT, University of Tokyo, Foresight Williams Technology (a joint collaboration between Foresight Group and Williams Advanced Engineering), Business Growth Fund, Puma Investments, Japanese Miyako Capital, Austrian APEX Ventures, Silicon Valley's R42 Group, Northwell Holdings & Ventures and Alpha Intelligence Capital

   --    Balance of proceeds received from the sale of Artomatix 
   --    Smarttech247, a recent portfolio investment, is actively pursuing an IPO 

-- New direct investment made in PreCog and follow - on investments in Getvisibility, combined with a significant increase in the valuation of Getvisibility

   --    Investment made in the digital assets technology sector and ultimately Pluto Digital plc 

Post--period end highlights

-- Commitment to invest GBP5 million in the New SVV Fund alongside GBP50 million from the British Business Bank with scope to achieve enhanced returns compared to industry standard

   --    Further significant EUR10 million fund raise and revaluation for Getvisibility 

Review of activities

The Company has had a very busy and successful 2021 with multiple new investments being made and excellent results from a number of the Company's investments resulting in a significant profit for the year and an uplift in the Company's NAV which, as previously discussed, always lags the value of the Company's investment portfolio.

Investment Overview

The Company's principal investment portfolio categories are summarised below:

                                       Cost or          Cost or 
                                     valuation        valuation 
                                at 31 December   at 31 December 
                                          2021             2021 
                                      GBP000's         GBP000's 
-----------------------------  ---------------  --------------- 
Sure Valley Ventures/SV plc              4,146            1,507 
Direct investments                         884              419 
Digital assets sector                    1,951                - 
Cash/other listed securities               409            1,122 
-----------------------------  ---------------  --------------- 
Total                                    7,390            3,048 
-----------------------------  ---------------  --------------- 

Investment in SVV and SV plc

In February 2021, the Company increased its exposure to SVV through the purchase of 1.5 million shares in SV plc, a listed specialist fund, from existing SV plc shareholders using new Pires shares priced at 13.6 pence as consideration. SV plc's principal investments include a 25.9% interest in SVV and a direct investment in Vivid Q , one of the SVV portfolio companies. As a result of this transaction, Pires achieved an aggregate (direct and indirect) interest in SVV of around 20%, which comprises its original direct 13% interest in SVV and an indirect interest of 6.5%, through its 25% shareholding in SV plc.

Within the SVV portfolio, new investments have been made in:

-- Virtex, a company building a platform for the next - generation of live, immersive entertainment within the virtual reality gaming and e sports industries;

-- PreCog, a security solution platform company that provides data intelligence to combat crime, terrorism and protect vulnerable people; and

-- Smarttech247, a global artificial intelligence based cyber security cloud business that protects enterprises as they migrate to cloud - based IT operations. Smarttech247 is profitable with high forecast revenue growth and has over 100 technology partners, including Tanium and CrowdStrike, and 50 clients based in Europe and the US. Smarttech247 is currently pursuing a stock market listing by way of a reverse takeover transaction which is expected to complete later in the year.

Additionally, during the period, a number of the portfolio companies have been revalued upwards based on new funding rounds which have taken place at higher valuations compared to the valuation at the time of the initial investment. These companies include:

-- CameraMatics raised EUR4 million in January 2021 in additional funding at a valuation that represents over 300% of the CameraMatics' valuation as at the time of SVV's initial investment in November 2017. The round was led by Puma Investments, a leading provider of growth capital. CameraMatics also announced a major partnership with UK transport and logistics operator Maritime Transport Ltd. The company then raised a further EUR3.9 million in December 2021, again on the basis of an increased valuation thereby demonstrating this company's rapid growth in value.

-- Getvisibility completed a EUR1.1 million funding round in June 2021 at a significant premium to its previous round. This was led by Herb Hribar who was formerly CEO of Eircom, the largest telecoms group in Ireland and is currently a director of ScienceLogic, Inc, a leading provider of AI - based operations technology. Then post period end in March 2022, the company raised EUR10 million from new investors including Alpha Intelligence Capital, a global venture capital firm which invests in deep artificial intelligence/machine learning technology - based companies and Fortino Capital Partners, a leading B2B software venture capital and growth equity firm.

-- Vivid Q. raised new funds of GBP11 million in July 2021 at a significant premium to previous valuations. This funding was led by a consortium of new international investors including the University of Tokyo, Foresight Williams Technology (a joint collaboration between Foresight Group and Williams Advanced Engineering), Japanese Miyako Capital, Austrian APEX Ventures and Silicon Valley's R42 Group, with follow - on investments from SVV, University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC) and Essex Innovation. SV plc has a significant direct investment in VividQ. thereby providing Pires with an increased interest in VividQ. through its shareholding in SV plc.

-- Engage XR (previously VR Education Holdings before its name change in October 2021), one of the portfolio companies which is already listed on AIM, and from which funds have already been returned to Pires, has also made significant progress during the period with increasing revenues. In addition, it raised GBP7.7 million before expenses at a price of GBP0.16 per share by way of an oversubscribed placing, announced in June 2021.

-- Ambisense successfully raised EUR3 million in August 2021 from the Business Growth Fund and existing investors, including SVV.

-- In October 2021, Admix raised US$25 million in a series B round to scale up its In-Play solution worldwide and establish it as the content monetisation layer for gaming worlds and the formative metaverse. SVV participated in the Series B round alongside renowned VCs Elefund, Force Over Mass, DIP Capital, Notion Capital, Speedinvest, Rocket Capital, Colopl Next and Sidedoor Ventures, as well as growth investor Kuvi Capital and angels from the gaming industry. This new funding was raised at a valuation that represents around 1,500% of the company's valuation at which SVV initially invested in the business in 2018. This clearly reflects the significant progress that Admix has made.

-- In December 2021, Nova Leah announced the closing of its seed investment round led by Northwell Holdings & Ventures, the for - profit venture investment arm of Northwell Health, New York State's largest healthcare provider. The investment includes additional funding from existing investors Kernel Capital and SVV. Nova Leah plans to use the funds to significantly expand its market opportunity and global reach.

As at the period end, SVV had a portfolio of 14 investee companies at different stages of development spanning a range of sectors. The portfolio provides Pires with exposure to a number of key, cutting - edge and rapidly growing technology sectors. Further details of the portfolio companies and recent developments are set out below:

  Artificial intelligence 
  Ambisense                    Provides an Artificial Intelligence platform 
   (Ambisense Limited)          to deliver environmental risk assessment to allow 
                                real - time gas and environmental monitoring 
                                using both IoT and sensor solutions. The company 
                                has already been awarded a number of major contracts 
                                and has a substantial pipeline of opportunities. 
  Buymie                       An artificial intelligence - based same day grocery 
   (Buymie Technologies)        delivery company operating in both the UK and 
                                Ireland working with companies such as Tesco, 
                                Lidl, Asda and the Co - op. Also recently announced 
                                a partnership with Asda in Leeds and Bristol. 
  Nova Leah                    An artificial intelligence cyber-security assessment 
   (Nova Leah Limited)          and protection platform for connected medical 
  Getvisibility                An artificial intelligence security company addressing 
   (Visibility Blockchain       the substantial problem faced by corporations 
   Limited)                     in storing, sorting, accessing and protecting 
                                data. Recently raised additional funds at a significant 
                                premium and has been voted as one of Ireland's 
                                top 18 start - ups. 
  PreCog                       A security solution platform company that provides 
   (Polence Limited)            data intelligence to combat crime, terrorism 
                                and protect vulnerable people. The company completed 
                                a GBP1 million fundraising round in March 2021. 
                                Customers include leading law enforcement and 
                                security agencies, and transport infrastructure 
  Smarttech247                 A global artificial intelligence based cyber 
                                security cloud business that protects enterprises 
                                as they migrate to cloud - based IT operations. 
                                The company has recently won a major new contract 
                                with a Fortune Global - 1000 company employing 
                                over 100,000 staff and already has a purchase 
                                order under this contract for EUR6 million. It 
                                is also currently pursuing a listing via an RTO 
    (Zefone Limited) 
  Immersive Technologies 
  Engage XR                    A developer of virtual reality and immersive 
   (Engage XR Holdings          experiences with a specific focus on education 
   plc)                         and enterprise learning and development. The 
                                company is listed on AIM, has over 100 commercial 
                                customers and is rapidly growing revenue and 
                                margins. It recently raised EUR9 million in new 
  Admix                        A platform enabling the monetisation of interactive 
   (WAM Group Limited)          programmatic brand placements in, for example, 
                                video games and other AR/VR applications. The 
                                company is rapidly growing revenues and numbers 
                                of active users. 
  Warducks                     A game development studio known for the production 
   (Warducks Limited)           of leading games and is soon to launch an AR 
                                game that could be the next Pokémon Go. 
  VividQ                       A deep tech software company which has developed 
   (VividQ Limited)             a framework for real - time 3D holographic displays 
                                for use in heads - up displays and AR headsets 
                                and glasses. The company recently completed an 
                                GBP11 million funding round at a significant 
  Volograms                    A deep learning company that uses AI to create 
   (Volograms Limited)          3D Augmented Reality from 2D photos and videos. 
                                The company has launched a consumer AR Camera 
                                app called Volu and has pro - user and enterprise 
                                versions in development. 
  Virtex                       A company building a platform for the next - 
   (Virtex Limited)             generation of live, immersive entertainment within 
                                the virtual reality ("VR") gaming and e - sports 
                                industries. It is actively developing its new 
                                Stadium app. 
  Internet of things 
  CameraMatics                 Platform enabling transport fleet managers to 
   (MySafe Drive                reduce risk, increase driver safety and comply 
   Limited)                     with growing industry governance and compliance. 
                                It recently raised EUR4 million at a 300% uplift 
                                in valuation. The company is growing revenues 
                                considerably and building its presence in the 
                                very significant US market where it has already 
                                won a number of new contracts. 
  Wia                          Provides a platform solution for smart buildings. 
   (WIA Technologies            Its platform provides full device and application 
   Limited)                     management, security, data capture and storage, 
                                analysis and control. 

The investment in SVV has already proven successful for Pires with a realisation and a cash distribution being achieved soon after the investment, as a result of the sale of one of the portfolio companies, Artomatix. In 2019, Artomatix was sold at a valuation some 500% of the price of the original investment in the company. Following the progress made by Engage XR, which is listed on AIM, in 2020, SVV also realised the value of its original investment through the partial disposal of its holding. This was the second cash realisation to be made from the Company's investment in SVV.

The success of the direct SVV investment provided the rationale to increase the Company's exposure to this portfolio by acquiring a shareholding in SV plc in February 2021, particularly when it was possible to do so on attractive terms.

The first SVV fund has now substantially completed its deployment phase and is moving more towards a realisation phase which should lead to further returns to the Company and its shareholders.

Furthermore, post the period end, the Company invested in a second SVV fund, the Sure Valley Ventures UK Software Technology Fund (the "New SVV Fund"). The principal investor in the New SVV Fund is the British Business Bank ("BBB"), an investment arm of the UK Government. The first close of this fund amounted to GBP85 million, with the BBB investing up to GBP50 million and other investors ("Private Investors"), including Pires, investing up to GBP35 million over the 10-year life of the fund.

Pires has initially invested circa GBP90,000, in the New SVV Fund and expects to invest up to GBP5 million in total over the life of the New SVV Fund which would provide it with a circa 5.9% interest. The New SVV Fund will invest in a range of private UK software companies with a focus on companies in the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity sectors.

The New SVV Fund will be managed by the same SVV team which, to date, has been highly successful in achieving a number of cash realisations from, and upward revaluations of, companies in the SVV portfolio. The profit share arrangements within the New SVV Fund are designed to encourage the involvement of the Private Investors alongside the BBB, meaning that Pires and the other Private Investors would expect to receive a significantly enhanced share of the total return generated by the fund compared to industry standard

Direct investments

During the period, Low6 has continued to grow and develop its business raising additional funding both during the period and post the period end. Low6 is a leader in sports gaming technology that powers franchises with their own branded gaming experiences to engage and monetise their digital fanbases. In February 2022, the company announced that is planning to achieve a list by way of a reverse takeover of a company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

The Company made a new investment of GBP250,000 in PreCog, a security solution platform company that provides data intelligence to combat crime, terrorism and protect vulnerable people, as part of its GBP1 million fundraising round. Its customers include leading law enforcement and security agencies, and transport infrastructure groups.

Getvisibility, is a leader in data visibility and control, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence ("AI") to classify and secure unstructured information. Getvisibility also provides risk and compliance assessments as well as enforcing protection on sensitive data. The company operates across the US, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa with a presence in several industry sectors including banking, healthcare and the public sector. Getvisibility's clients include a leading global producer of energy and chemicals, a major airport group, one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East as well as US government entities in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Pires made a follow-on investment in Getvisibility in June 2021, as part of a EUR1.1 million funding round led by a new lead investor Herb Hribar, who has also become Chairman of the company. This new funding took place at a significant premium to the valuation at which Pires made its original investment in March 2020.

In March 2022, Getvisibility then raised a further EUR10 million. Pires made its original investment of EUR250,000 in March 2020, with a follow-on investment of EUR62,000 in June 2021. Since then, Getvisibility has made significant progress such that, based on the post funding round valuation, Pires' direct stake in Getvisibility (including its additional investment) is now valued at circa EUR1,500,000 or over 4 times its total investment cost to date since it made its first investment two years ago. In addition, Pires has a further interest in Getvisibility via its 13% interest in SVV and an indirect interest through its holding in Sure Ventures plc, which together are now valued at circa EUR1,330,000. Pires' effective interest in Getvisibility, in aggregate, is therefore now valued at circa EUR2,830,000.

Digital assets sector

The Company completed its first investment in the digital assets sector through an investment in De Tech Studio Limited, which was developing a decentralised finance technology platform ("YOP"), and YOP tokens. Certain YOP tokens were sold to realise a cash profit and the balance of the investment was used to subscribe for shares in Pluto Digital plc ("Pluto").

Pluto is a crypto technology and operations company with a focus on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and the Metaverse (blockchain gaming and NFTs).

During the period, Pluto has invested in Maze Theory Limited ("Maze Theory"), a London-based digital entertainment studio, with a view to developing high quality games that incorporate token economics. As part of this arrangement, Pluto and Maze Theory formed a new gaming blockchain and metaverse studio joint venture, called Emergent Games. Given the experience of the team at Maze Theory and the work that they have done, Pluto is planning to extend its relationship with Maze Theory as it believes that this is a sector that provides an exciting growth opportunity.

Also, during 2021 Pluto fully acquired the YOP platform and has been actively developing this platform to help enable users to operate in and navigate the DeFi space, which has been growing rapidly.

As at 31 December 2021, the Company's equity holding in Pluto was valued at almost GBP2 million based on a price of 6 pence per share, which is the price at which the company's most recent funding raising took place. This represents a very significant uplift on the Company's initial investment in this sector.


For the year under review, the Company reported a profit before taxation of GBP1,491,000 (for the 14--month period ended 31 December 2020: loss of GBP687,000). The profit or loss for the Company includes unrealised gains/losses in the portfolio of quoted equity investments which are marked to market, plus any return from and adjustment to the carrying value of our unlisted investments in the technology sector.

NAV as at the end of the period amounted to GBP7,223,000 (31 December 2020: GBP2,926,000). Whilst the Company's net assets have increased by 147% over the period and NAV per share is up circa 100%, we continue to believe that absolute NAV does not fairly represent the Company's financial potential, given the scope for significant valuation uplift of the companies within the portfolio. This is clearly demonstrated by the gains, both realised and unrealised, that are regularly being achieved to date from the investment portfolio. Furthermore, it is worth reiterating that realisations that are achieved within the SVV portfolio result in cash distributions to the Company and are not retained within the fund. Furthermore, the period end NAV figures do not take into account the significant increase in value of the Company's holding in Getvisibility which occurred post period end.

During the period, the holders of warrants over 21,656,579 ordinary shares in the Company exercised their warrants at 4 pence per share with total net proceeds to the Company of GBP866,000. As at the period end there were unexercised warrants over 28,618,403 new ordinary shares in the Company, although this figure has now reduced to 25,468,421. These warrants will expire at the end of June 2022.


In February 2021, the Company was delighted to welcome a new director, David Palumbo, to the Board. David is currently CEO of EQTEC plc and brings a wealth of experience in the venture capital and technology sectors. Also, at the AGM, Peter Redmond retired from the Board. We would therefore like to thank Peter for his time at Pires and his valuable contribution to the progress that the Company has made over recent years. We all wish Peter the very best in his future endeavours.

Post the period end

In March 2022, the Company agreed to invest in a second SVV fund, the New SVV Fund, alongside the British Business Bank which is investing up to GBP50 million. This fund has already made its first investment in RETi ni ZE Limited ("RETi ni ZE"), a technology company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland which is developing an innovative software product called Animotive that is harnessing the latest VR technologies to transform the 3D animation production process.

As previously mentioned, Getvisibility, which the Company holds directly, and through SVV and its holding in SV plc completed a EUR10 million fund raise in March 2022, generating a significant uplift in the value of Getvisibility and therefore the Company's investment portfolio both from its direct shareholdings and indirect interests from its holdings in SVV and SV plc.

Since 1 January 2022, the holders of 3,149,982 warrants over ordinary shares in the Company have exercised their warrants at 4 pence per share for a total consideration of GBP126,000. The total number of ordinary shares of the Company in issue are following recent allotments will be 161,395,191. Unexercised warrants currently total 25,468,421 and these warrants expire at the end of June 2022.

On 1 June 2022, Tern plc ("Tern") announced a recommended share offer for the issued and to be issued share capital of the Company on the basis of 0.51613 Tern shares for each share in the Company. This valued each share in the Company at 8 pence based on the closing price of Tern shares on 31 May 2022 and represented a premium of 53.8% to the closing price of the Company's shares on 31 May 2022.


As set out at the beginning of this statement, 2021 has been extremely busy for Pires and this has continued into 2022. A number of exciting new investments have been made, both directly and through the Company's investment in SVV, and the investment portfolio has achieved significant growth in value. In particular, this has continued into 2022 with Getvisibility.

Our investment strategy is focused on next generation technology businesses with significant potential for accelerated growth across sectors such as AI, IoT and Immersive Technologies, as well as the digital assets sector. We remain encouraged by the progress made to date by our investments and the outlook for the respective sectors in which they operate.

We expect that in the coming months we will see some additional realisations or liquidity events from the investment portfolio. Furthermore, it is important to note that, as previously mentioned, the first SVV fund has now substantially completed its deployment phase with potentially one more new investment and some small follow--on investments to come and so is moving towards a realisation phase which is expected to generate further cash inflows for the Company.

In summary, we believe that our investment strategy in the technology sector has already proven to have been successful. Going forward, the Company is very well positioned to become a leading next generation technology investment company with an exciting portfolio of technology companies held either directly or indirectly through its interests in SVV that have the potential for significant growth and the ability to deliver real returns for shareholders.

Nicholas Lee


14 June 2022


                                                                           14 month 
                                                       Year Ended      period ended 
                                                         December       31 December 
                                                    2021 GBP000's     2020 GBP000's 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
 Other Income                                                   -                 1 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
Total income                                                    -                 1 
Gain/(loss) on investments held at fair value 
 through pro fi t or loss                                   2,081             (149) 
Opera ti ng expenses                                        (590)             (539) 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
Opera ti ng pro fi t/(loss) from con ti 
 nuing ac ti vi ti es                                       1,491             (687) 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
Pro fi t/(loss) before taxa ti on from con 
 ti nuing ac ti vi ti es                                    1,491             (687) 
Taxa ti on                                                      -                -- 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
Pro fi t/(loss) for the year from con ti 
 nuing ac ti vi ti es                                       1,491             (687) 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
Other Comprehensive Income                                      -                -- 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------  ---------------- 
Total Comprehensive Income a tt ributable 
 to equity holders of the Company                           1,491             (687) 
==============================================  =================  ================ 
Basic pro fi t/(loss) per share 
Equity holders 
Basic                                                       1.00p           (0.64p) 
Fully diluted                                                0.8p           (0.64p) 
==============================================  =================  ================ 


                          Share                                    Capital              Retained 
                        Capital         Share Premium           Redemption              Earnings                 Total 
                       GBP000's              GBP000's     Reserve GBP000's              GBP000's              GBP000's 
--------------------  ---------  --------------------  -------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
Balance at 1 
 November 2019           11,996                 4,249                  165              (13,845)                 2,565 
Profit and total 
 profit for the 
 period                      --                    --                   --                 (687)                 (687) 
Issue of shares (net 
 of costs)                  139                   909                                                            1,048 
--------------------  ---------  --------------------  -------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
As at 31 December 
 2020                    12,135                 5,158                  165              (14,533)                 2,926 
--------------------  ---------  --------------------  -------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
Profit and total 
 profit for the 
 period                                                                                    1,491                 1,491 
Issue of shares (net 
 of costs)                   90                 2,716                                                            2,806 
Cancellation of 
 deferred shares       (11,830)                                     11,830                                          -- 
--------------------  ---------  --------------------  -------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
As at 31 December 
 2021                       396                 7,874               11,995              (13,042)                 7,223 
====================  =========  ====================  ===================  ====================  ==================== 


                                                           31 December                 31 December 
                                                         2021 GBP000's               2020 GBP000's 
------------------------------------------  --------------------------  -------------------------- 
 Current assets 
 Investments                                                     7,016                       2,029 
 Trade and other receivables                                         8                          15 
  Cash and cash equivalents                                        374                       1,019 
------------------------------------------  --------------------------  -------------------------- 
Total current assets                                             7,398                       3,063 
------------------------------------------  --------------------------  -------------------------- 
Total assets                                                     7,398                       3,063 
==========================================  ==========================  ========================== 
Issued share capital                                               396                      12,135 
Share premium                                                    7,874                       5,158 
Retained earnings                                             (13,042)                    (14,532) 
Capital redemption reserve                                      11,995                         165 
------------------------------------------  --------------------------  -------------------------- 
Total equity                                                     7,223                       2,926 
Current liabilities 
Trade and other payables                                           175                         137 
------------------------------------------  --------------------------  -------------------------- 
Total liabilities and current liabilities                          175                         137 
------------------------------------------  --------------------------  -------------------------- 
Total equity and liabilities                                     7,398                       3,063 
==========================================  ==========================  ========================== 


                                                             2021          2020 
                                                         GBP000's      GBP000's 
 Profit attributable to the owners of the 
 Continuing Operations                                      1,491         (687) 
---------------------------------------------------  ------------  ------------ 
                                                             2021          2020 
                                                           No. of        No. of 
                                                           Shares        shares 
---------------------------------------------------  ------------  ------------ 
 Weighted average number of shares for calculating 
  basic profit per share                              149,021,386   107,298,817 
                                                      177,639,789   107,298,817 
===================================================  ============  ============ 
                                                             2021          2020 
                                                            Pence         Pence 
---------------------------------------------------  ------------  ------------ 
 Basic and diluted profit per share 
 Continuing Operations - basic                               1.00        (0.64) 
 Continuing Operations - diluted                             0.80        (0.64) 
===================================================  ============  ============ 

Copies of the accounts will shortly be posted to shareholders and will be available on the Company's website at www.piresinvestments.com .

This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of the UK Market Abuse Regulation and the Directors of the Company are responsible for the release of this announcement.


 Pires Investments plc              Tel: +44 (0) 20 3368 8961 
  Nicholas Lee, Director 
 Nominated Adviser 
  Cairn Financial Advisers LLP        Tel: +44 (0) 20 7213 0880 
  Liam Murray/Ludovico Lazzaretti 
 Joint Broker 
  Peterhouse Capital Limited          Tel: +44 (0) 20 7469 0935 
  Duncan Vasey/Lucy Williams          Tel: +44 (0) 20 7469 0936 
 Joint Broker 
  Tennyson Securities                 Tel: +44 (0) 20 3167 7221 
  Peter Krens 
 Financial media and PR 
  Yellow Jersey                       Tel: +44 (0) 20 3004 9512 
  Sarah Hollins 
  Henry Wilkinson 

Notes to Editors

About Pires Investments plc

Pires Investments plc (AIM: PIRI) is an investment company providing investors with access to a portfolio of next-generation technology businesses with significant growth potential.

The Company is building an investment portfolio of high-tech businesses across areas such as Artificial Intelligence ("AI"), Internet of Things ("IoT"), Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Immersive Technologies and Big Data, which the Board believes demonstrate evidence of traction and the potential for exponential growth, due to increasing global demand for development in these sectors.

For further information, visit: https://piresinvestments.com/ .

Caution regarding forward looking statements

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