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Comptoir Group PLC

10 June 2021

10 June 2021

Comptoir Group Plc

("Comptoir", the "Group" or the "Company")

Annual Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2020


   --     Group revenue of GBP12.5m down by 62.6% (2019: GBP33.4m) 
   --       Gross profit of GBP9.3m down by GBP15.5m (2019: GBP24.9m). 
   --       Adjusted EBITDA* before highlighted items of GBP1.4m down by 73.5% (2019: GBP5.3m). 
   --       IFRS loss after tax of GBP8.1m (2019: GBP0.7m loss). 
   --       Net cash and cash equivalents at the period end of GBP7.8m (31 December 2019: GBP5.1m). 

-- The basic loss per share for the year was 6.6pence (2019: basic loss per share 0.54 pence).

   --       Currently own and operate 23 restaurants, with a further 4 franchise restaurants. 

Note that these results are impacted by COVID-19 related closures affecting all restaurants in the Group from 19th March 2020.

*Adjusted EBITDA was calculated from the profit/(loss) before taxation adding back interest, depreciation, share-based payments and non-recurring costs (note 10,11). The Group has applied IFRS 16 Leases that result in the restatement of the previous financial statements (note 2).

Richard Kleiner, Non-Executive Chairman, said: "It has been an unprecedented year that has bought with it considerable challenges. However, the team has navigated these challenges incredibly well. All of our team members have worked tirelessly with incredible dedication and passion to ensure we emerge focused and ready to serve our customers once again. During the periods of closure, costs were minimised, suppliers and landlords actively engaged and more importantly, the relationship with our restaurant team and our customers remained as strong as ever.

The Comptoir brand has cemented its strength during the pandemic with its excellent quality, healthy food served all served in the safest possible environment, whilst retaining the genuine feel of family and friendly hospitality that is the very heart and soul of our offering.

I am encouraged by the strong performance of our eat-in business since the limited reopening of sites and with the government roadmap set out and the vaccine roll-out continuing at a pace I'm optimistic for the coming year post-lockdown, and continue to be confident in the public's appetite to safely socialise and enjoy our family hospitality; We look forward, once it is safe, to fully welcome back our customers and teams.


 Comptoir Group plc                 Tel: 0207 486 1111 
  Chaker Hanna 
 Canaccord Genuity Limited (NOMAD   Tel: 020 7523 8000 
  and Broker) 
  Adam James 
  Georgina McCooke 

Chief Executive's Review

For the year ended 31 December 2020

COVID-19 Update

The business traded well at the start of 2020, in line with management expectations. However, the impact from March due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant the rest of the year was very different to what anyone would have anticipated. The initial Government guidance informed people to avoid visiting bars and restaurants in early March, followed by what would be the first of three complete national lockdowns, which had a devastating impact on the business. Ultimately Comptoir would find its restaurants closed for more of the year than they actively traded.

As a direct result of the first national lockdown, all the restaurants within the Group were fully closed for trading from the 19(th) March 2020. The sites remained closed until the 4(th) July when the first lockdown was lifted, at which point we began a phased reopening with 8 sites trading.

The "Eat out to Help Out" ("EOTHO") Scheme was a well-received Government initiative that helped trade outside of London recover in August 2020. Sales were favourable as people returned to their favourite locations after a significant amount of time in Lockdown. However, this improvement in trading was to prove all too brief as stricter measures returned in September 2020, which included "The Rule of Six" as well as a 10 pm curfew. In mid-October, a tier system was introduced across the country and on the 5(th) November, we entered another national lockdown period where all sites were closed. Sites reopened on the 2(nd) December however with the tier system still in effect and with lockdown being tightened to include a fourth tier. Christmas trading bore no resemblance to any expectations and by Christmas week itself, only 3 sites remained open for eat-in trade. A third national lockdown commenced the 5(th) January 2021 with sites only reopening to outside seating on the 12(th) April. Throughout the year the various changes in the rules have often been with limited notice. However effective we have been at managing these changes, it has inevitably led to inventory write-offs and increases in some other operating costs.

Whilst the number one priority for the Group has always been, and will certainly always continue to be, ensuring the safety of all of our employees and guests, the Board's focus was also to take all appropriate measures to reduce the financial impact on the Group and some of the key areas are discussed in more depth below.


In the immediate aftermath of the closures and following the announcement of the Government's furlough scheme to support employees, the Group immediately placed all its employees, barring a very small number of the central support team, into furlough. At the same time a significant reduction in directors' remuneration packages, including three directors receiving no remuneration at all for six months, and a reduced salary for the rest of the year ensured that operating costs were reduced to the minimum to ensure the business remained a viable proposition.


Property related costs and in particular rental costs are a significant part of our cost base, especially with zero income during closure and a significant reduction in normal trade when reopened for short periods. The Group immediately entered into negotiations with all landlords to agree on an approach that would help ensure our sustainability in the long term. I am pleased to report the majority of our landlords engaged with us in understanding the difficulties that we all face and we reached mutually agreed positions involving rent waivers, deferments and deductions from rent deposits and more importantly, a variation in the lease terms to include turnover rents instead of base rents going forward. I would like to sincerely thank all the landlords who have worked with us so far.

We constantly review our existing estate to consider if some restaurants should close permanently. The pandemic accelerated the decision in some cases and the following restaurants were surrendered or are in the process of being surrendered:

   1.    Gatwick closed permanently in March 2020 
   2.    Heathrow closed permanently in March 2020 
   3.    Levant was handed back to the landlord in December 2020 
   4.    Poland Street closed permanently in May 2021 
   5.    Haymarket is due to close permanently in June 2021 
   6.    Leeds is due to close on, or before, April 2022 

We will continue to review and monitor the position of all our sites within the estate.

Government Support

The various initiatives including the Job Retention Scheme ("CJRS"), business rates relief, VAT reduction to 5%, HMRC payment deferral, Restart grants and EOTHO have proved invaluable in supporting the Group during the last year. However, such provisions can never compensate fully for the lost trade and consideration needs to be given that there is still a cost to the business of every employee who received furlough.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our stakeholders who in these extraordinary times have worked collaboratively with us to ensure the ongoing viability of our business. None more so than our truly fantastic teams, both in the restaurants and in central supporting roles. I thank you personally from the very bottom of my heart for your continued patience and exceptional commitment to our business. The underlying Comptoir family ethos has never been so important than in times of unprecedented crisis.

Revenue and Operating Profit

The business traded with all restaurants fully open up until 19(th) March when, following guidance by the UK Government, the Board took the decision to close all restaurants within the Group. This was closely followed by the Government implementation of complete lockdown measures, including enforced closure of all restaurants and leisure sites across the UK. As noted previously a further lockdown was instigated in November as well as other restrictive policies through the year such as the 10 pm curfew and the implementation of support bubbles for socialising outside of one's own family.

As a result, revenue for the period was down 62.6% on last year to GBP12.5m (2019: GBP33.4m). In the period leading up to closure, revenue had been in line with management expectations.

The Board carried out a full impairment review and as a result, impairment of GBP4.0m has been charged, based on the judgement of future cash flow generation from each restaurant.

This impairment charge contributed towards the reported IFRS loss after tax of GBP8.1m (2019: GBP0.7m loss).

The Group has also taken account of the amendment to IFRS16 COVID-19 related rent concessions. Where the rent concession is a direct consequence of COVID-19 and the reduction does not involve substantive changes to the lease then the concessions can be credited to the profit and loss. This has resulted in a one-off credit of GBP982k in the period.

The Board does not recommend the payment of any dividend at this time as it is anticipated that all available funds will be required to ensure working capital requirements are met over the foreseeable future.

Cashflow and Financing

Cash generated from operations was GBP2.7m (2019: GBP5.5m) reflecting the impact of the closure periods across the year.

Capital expenditure for the year was significantly reduced due to the pandemic and totalled GBP0.2m (2019: GBP1.3m).

The Board also decided to apply for the Government-backed Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme ("CBILS") and has drawn down on this loan. This borrowing helped to protect the cash position, particularly with the requirement to pay the additional liabilities. The Company has no other debt and there are no banking covenants with regard to such borrowings.

The Bank net cash position at the year-end was GBP7.8m.

Current trading and outlook

The Group began a phased re-opening of its restaurants for full dining from 12(th) April in line with government guidelines for outside dining only. On May 17(th) we opened for full dining inside and out. Our franchise partners HMS Host have re-opened three out of the four sites they operate (Utrecht,

Ashford and Cheshire Oaks). The fourth HMS Host site in Dubai is due to open soon. As mentioned above, the two franchise restaurants operated by The Restaurant Group ("TRG") in Heathrow and Gatwick will not re-open.

Trading has been extremely encouraging since reopening the 21 managed sites on the 17(th) May in compliance with the government guidelines for group sizes and social distancing, as well as continuing to offer takeaway/click and collect and delivery services. We look forward to being able to trade fully across the Summer and beyond. As a result of this trading performance, the Group continues to plan the opening pipeline for the next three years.

The focus on the health and safety of our team members and guests has been further enhanced by the implementation of a new Comptoir App providing our guests with the option to order and pay safely at the table.

The implementation of new systems (Fourth Hospitality and Access) in respect of labour rota control, margin control and maintenance leaves the company well-positioned to leverage further cost efficiencies in the future. The board believe that the potential for organic growth in both the Shawa and Comptoir group remains through selective managed sites as well as with our Franchise partners.

Chaker Hanna

Chief Executive Officer

9(th) June 2021

Strategic Report

For the year ended 31 December 2020

The Directors present their strategic report for the year ended 31 December 2020.

Business model

The Group's principal brand is Comptoir Libanais, which operates Lebanese and Eastern Mediterranean focused restaurants. The restaurants seek to offer an all-day dining experience based around healthy and fresh food in a friendly, colourful and vibrant environment, which presents value for money. Lebanese and Eastern Mediterranean food is, in our opinion, a popular current food trend due to its flavoursome, healthy, low fat and vegetarian-friendly ingredients as well as the ability to easily share the food with friends.

We seek to design each Comptoir Libanais restaurant with a bold and fresh design that is welcoming to all age groups and types of consumer. Each Comptoir Libanais restaurant has posters and menus showing an artist's impression of Sirine Jamal al Dine, an iconic Arabian actress, providing a Middle Eastern café-culture feel.

Shawa is a Lebanese grill-serving lean, grilled meats, rotisserie chicken, homemade falafel, halloumi and fresh salad, through a service counter offering, located in high footfall locations, such as shopping centres.

The average net spend per head over 2020 at Comptoir Libanais was GBP17.55 and the average spend at Shawa was lower at GBP11.17, so our offering is positioned in the affordable or 'value for money' segment of the UK casual dining market. In addition, our offering is well-differentiated and faces limited direct competition, in marked contrast to other areas of the market.

Strategy for growth

Our strategy is to grow our owned-site operations under both the Comptoir Libanais and Shawa brands. While Comptoir Libanais is likely to remain the principal focus of our operations, Shawa provides the opportunity to offer our Lebanese food from a smaller footprint and therefore create greater flexibility to our roll-out plans.

We also believe that there is still considerable potential to grow the Group's franchised operations and we see this as a complimentary and relatively low-risk route to extend the presence of our brands, both within the UK and in overseas territories. We will see the opening of another two sites with our franchise partner HMS Host in Abu Dhabi Airport & Doha.

The UK food delivery market continues to grow at pace, aided by increasing technology enabling ease of ordering and quick access to a wide offering of menus through apps such as UberEats. We negotiated new multi-platform delivery agreements with Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats which commenced in March 2020 and helped to drive significant further growth across this channel through direct delivery to our customers.

Review of the business and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Covid-19 impacted the performance of the Group on a material basis. As a result, Group revenue reduced by 62.6% to GBP12.5m (2019 - GBP33.4m) and the Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income shows a post-tax loss of GBP8.1m (2019 - GBP0.7m loss). However, as stated above, at this stage in the development of the business the Board believes that it is more helpful to focus on adjusted EBITDA, which excludes non-recurring items and costs incurred in connection with the opening of new restaurants and on this measure, the underlying earnings of the group were GBP1.4m (2019 - GBP5.3m).

The Board and management team use a range of performance indicators to monitor and measure the performance of the business. However, in common with most businesses, the critical KPI's are focused on growth in sales and EBITDA and these are appraised against budget, forecast and last year's achieved levels.

In terms of non-financial KPIs, the standard of service provided to customers is monitored via the scores from a programme of regular monthly "mystery diner" visits to our restaurants carried out by HGem. Due to the pandemic, the disruption has meant this measure has not been in use regularly. We also use feedback from health and safety audits conducted by an external company (Food Alert) to ensure that critical operating procedures are being adhered to.

Further explanation of the performance of the business over the year is provided in the Chairman's Statement and the Chief Executive's Review.

Principal risks and uncertainties

The Board of Directors ("the Board") has overall responsibility for identifying the most significant risks faced by the business and for developing appropriate policies to ensure that those risks are adequately managed.

The following have been identified as the most significant risks faced by the Group, however, it should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list and the Company has policies and procedures to address other risks facing the business.

Consumer demand

Any weakness in consumer confidence could have an adverse effect on footfall and customer spend in our restaurants. The Covid-19 virus had a significant impact on the hospitality sector and the wider UK and global economy. There can be no argument on the devastating impact all in the industry have felt, however, we are now looking forward to a period of normality as we return to business as usual.

Frequent or regular participation in the eating-out market is afforded by the consumer out of household disposable income. Macroeconomic factors such as employment levels, interest rates and inflation can impact disposable income and consumer confidence can dictate their willingness to spend.

As indicated above, the core brands within the Group are positioned in the affordable segment of the casual dining market. A strong focus on superior and attentive service together with value-added marketing initiatives can help to drive sales when customer footfall is more subdued. This, together with the strategic location of each of our restaurants helps to mitigate the risk of consumer demand to the business.

Input cost inflation

The Group's key input variables are the cost of food and drink, associated ingredients and the continued progressive increases in the UK National Living Wage and Minimum Wage rates present a challenge we must face up to alongside our peers and competitors.

We aim to maintain an appropriate level of flexibility in our supplier base so we can work to mitigate the impact of input cost inflation. Our teams work hard on predictive and responsive labour scheduling so that our costs are well controlled.

Economic conditions

The exit from the European Union and negotiations over future trading has left a great deal of uncertainty that could impact consumer spending. Deterioration in consumer confidence due to future economic conditions could have a detrimental impact on the Group in terms of footfall and sales. This risk is mitigated by the positioning of the Group's brands, which is within the affordable segment of the casual dining market. Continued focus on customer relations and targeted and adaptable marketing initiatives help the Group retain and drive sales where footfall declines.

Labour cost inflation

Labour cost pressures that are outside of the control of the Group, such as auto-enrolment pension costs, minimum wage / Living wage increases and the apprenticeship levy, are endured by the Group and its competitors. Labour costs continue to be regularly monitored and ongoing initiatives are used to reduce the impact of such pressures.

Strategy and execution

The Group's central strategy is to open additional new outlets under its core Comptoir Libanais and Shawa brands. Despite making every effort, there is no guarantee that the Group will be able to secure a sufficient number of appropriate sites to meet its growth and financial targets and it is possible that new openings may take time to reach the anticipated levels of mature profitability or to match historical financial returns.

The Group utilises the services of external property consultants and continues to develop stronger contacts and relationships with potential landlords as well as their agents and advisers. However, there will always be competition for the best sites and the Board will continue to approach any potential new site with caution and be highly selective in its evaluation of new sites to ensure that target levels of return on investment are achieved.

Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions

The Group is a is a 'quoted company' under the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations and must report its greenhouse gas emissions from Scope 1 and 2 Electricity, Gas and Transport annually. This is the first reporting year under these new regulations so there is no emissions data for prior years.

The Group has followed the 2019 HM Government Environmental Reporting Guidelines. We have also used the GHG Reporting Protocol - Corporate Standard and have used the 2020 UK Government's Conversion Factors for Company Reporting. The chosen intensity measurement ratio is total gross emissions in Kgs CO2e/Cover.

Greenhouse gas emissions and energy use data for the year ended 31 December 2020

                                                               FY 2020 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
Energy consumption used to calculate emissions (kWh)         5,128,917 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
Energy consumption break down (kWh): 
  -- Natural gas                                             2,148,415 
  -- Electricity                                             2,929,506 
 -- Company Fleet                                               50,966 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
 Scope 1 emissions in metric tonnes CO2e: 
  Gas consumption                                               741.72 
 Company Fleet                                                   12.89 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
Scope 2 emissions in metric tonnes CO2e: 
 Purchased electricity                                          682.99 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
Scope 3 emissions in metric tonnes CO2e: 
 Electricity T&D                                                 58.74 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
Total gross emissions in metric tonnes CO2e                   1,149.64 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 
Intensity ratio Kgs CO2e per Cover                                1.72 
-----------------------------------------------------  --------------- 

Measures taken to improve energy efficiency

The Group continues to strive for energy and carbon reduction arising from their activities. All sites conducted a full check on all equipment when in lockdown to ensure usage was kept to a minimum including fridges and freezers where possible. Air conditioning and heating was also reduced to minimum temperatures for maintenance levels.

Future developments

The Group will continue to roll out selectively its Comptoir Libanais and Shawa brands to further new sites across the UK and to explore further opportunities to grow the Comptoir Libanais brand via franchising with suitable partners and expansion of the external catering offering.

On behalf of the Board

Chaker Hanna

Chief Executive Officer

9(th) June 2021

Strategic Report - Section 172 Statement

This is the first year that the Directors are required to provide a section 172 statement as part of the Strategic report. Below we explain the background to the section 172 statement.


Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 ('Act') requires the Directors to act in the way they consider, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole, having regard to various factors, including the matters listed below in section.

172(1)(a) to (f):

   a.    the likely consequences of any decisions in the long-term; 
   b.    the interests of the Company's employees; 

c. the need to foster the Company's business relationships with suppliers, customers and others;

   d.    the impact of the Company's operations on the community and environment; 

e. the desirability of the Company maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct and

   f.     the need to act fairly as between members of the Company. 

This requirement applies to the Company from the 2020 financial year.

This statement is aimed at helping shareholders better understand how directors discharged their duty to promote the success of companies under Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 ("S172 Matters"). Throughout the year, in performance of its duties, the Board has had regard to the interests of the Groups key stakeholders and has taken account of any potential impact on these stakeholders of the decisions it has made.

Details of how the Board had regard to the following S172 matters are as per the below.

 S172 Matters                                                    Example 
        *    The likely consequences of any decisions in the            *    Communication with shareholders through the Comptoir 
             long-term.                                                      Investor website, AGM, investor meeting and circulars 
                                                                        *    Through the corporate governance framework described 
                                                                             in this annual report 
        *    T he interests of the Company's employees                       *    Ongoing training and development at all levels 
                                                                             *    Engagement through the company engagement application, 
                                                                                  newsletters, emails and other communications tools 
                                                                             *    Protection of teams throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 
       *    The need to foster the Company's business                         *    Protection of customers and teams throughout the 
            relationships with suppliers, customers and others                     COVID-19 pandemic 
                                                                              *    Maintenance of regular contact with all suppliers. 
                                                                              *    Launch of the Comptoir loyalty scheme through the 
                                                                                   Comptoir application 
                                                                              *    Responding to feedback from the customer 
                                                                              *    Use of a mystery guest programme to ensure standards 
                                                                                   are visible and maintained. 
        *    T he impact of the Company's operations on the                   *    Local recruitment of staff 
             community and environment. 
                                                                              *    Flexible working to reduce travel where applicable 
                                                                              *    Ongoing focus on environmentally friendly processes 
                                                                                   and procedures. 
       *    T he desirability of the Company maintaining a                    *    Regular restaurant visits and audit processes 
            reputation for high standards of business conduct. 
                                                                              *    Mystery guest programme 
                                                                              *    Food standards programme 
                                                                              *    Compliance updates at Board meetings 
                                                                              *    Ongoing training for all staff 
        *    The need to act fairly as between members of the           *    We maintain an open dialogue with our shareholders. 
                                                                        *    Engagement with stakeholders. 

On behalf of the Board

Chaker Hanna

Chief Executive Officer

9(th) June 2021

Statement of Corporate Governance

The Board have elected to adopt the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) Corporate Governance Code in line with the changes under Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies requiring all companies that are traded on AIM to adopt and comply with a recognised corporate governance code. Full details of our adoption to the code can be found at https://investors.comptoirlibanais.com/corporate-governance/.

The Board

The Board of Comptoir Group plc is the body responsible for the Group's objectives, its policies and the stewardship of its resources. At the balance sheet date, the Board comprised three directors being Chaker Hanna and Ahmed Kitous as executive directors and Richard Kleiner as non-executive director.

Richard Kleiner is considered by the Board to be independent. Each Director demonstrates a range of experience and sufficient calibre to bring independent judgment on issues of strategy, risk management, performance, resources and standards of conduct which are vital for the success of the Group.

The Board had eight Board meetings during the year. Richard Kleiner is Chairman of both the Audit and the Remuneration Committees. The terms of reference of both these committees have been approved by the Board.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee's responsibilities include the determination of the remuneration and options of Directors and senior executives of the Group and the administration of the Company's option schemes and arrangements. The Committee takes appropriate advice, where necessary, to fulfil this remit.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee meets twice a year including a meeting with the auditors shortly before the signing of the accounts. The terms of reference of the Audit Committee include: any matters relating to the appointment, resignation or dismissal of the external auditors and their fees; discussion with the auditors on the nature, scope and findings of the audit; consideration of issues of accounting policy and presentation; monitoring. The work of the review function carried out to ensure the adequacy of accounting controls and procedures.

Nomination Committee

The Company does not have a Nomination Committee. Any Board appointments are dealt with by the Board itself.

Internal Control

The Board is responsible for the Group's system of internal control and for reviewing the effectiveness of the system of internal control. Internal control systems are designed to meet the particular needs of a business and manage the risks but not to eliminate the risk of failure to achieve the business objectives. By its nature, any system of internal control can only provide reasonable, and not absolute, assurance against material misstatement or loss.

Internal Audit

Given the size of the Group, the Board does not believe it is appropriate to have a separate internal audit function. The Group's systems are designed to provide the Directors with reasonable assurance that problems are identified on a timely basis and are dealt with appropriately.

Relations with shareholders

There is a regular dialogue with institutional investors including presentations after the Group's year-end and half year results announcements. Feedback from major institutional shareholders is provided to the Board on a regular basis and, where appropriate, the Board will take steps to address their concerns and recommendations. Aside from announcements that the Group makes periodically to the market, the Board uses the Annual General Meeting to communicate with shareholders and welcomes their participation.

Going concern

Uncertainty due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak has been considered as part of the Group's adoption of the going concern basis. Trading remains impacted by COVID-19 despite reopening following the latest Government lockdown. The health of our staff and our customers is the Board's highest priority.

All appropriate measures have been put in place to reduce the impact on the Group, including cost reduction and refurbishments and other capital expenditure projects. The Board's latest forecasts are based on a scenario where the business expects sales to remain below 2019 levels with expected sales increasing gradually in 2021. The Board has factored in a delay in all non-committed capital expenditure, reduction in variable costs including staffing and moving to monthly rent payments. In addition, the Government has announced extensions to the business rates holiday/reduction as well as maintaining VAT at 5% until the autumn.

The Board has also considered various scenarios including closure and weakened growth rates. This continues to be under review given current market conditions associated with COVID-19. The Group currently has cash reserves of GBP8m and the Board believes that the business has the ability to remain trading for a period of at least 12 months from the date of signing of these financial statements, however there is an inherent uncertainty about future trading and the going concern position. These financial statements have therefore been prepared on the going concern basis.

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

For the year ended 31 December 2020

                                     Notes              Year ended                        Year ended 
                                                        31 December                       31 December 
                                                            2020                              2019 
                                                            GBP                               GBP 
 Revenue                               2                           12,492,506                        33,403,402 
 Cost of sales                                                    (3,179,944)                       (8,547,180) 
 Gross profit                                                       9,312,562                        24,856,222 
 Distribution expenses                                            (7,463,177)                       (8,605,186) 
 Administrative expenses                                         (14,649,765)                      (16,695,054) 
 Other income                          2                            5,561,410                         1,020,090 
 Operating profit                      3                          (7,238,970)                           576,072 
 Finance costs                         6                            (910,885)                       (1,096,462) 
 Loss before tax                                                  (8,149,855)                         (520,390) 
 Taxation charge                       7                               48,326                         (146,573) 
 Loss for the year                                                (8,101,529)                         (666,963) 
 Other comprehensive income                                                 -                                 - 
 Total comprehensive loss for the 
  year                                                            (8,101,529)                         (666,963) 
----------------------------------  -------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Basic loss per share (pence)          8                               (6.60)                            (0.54) 
 Diluted loss per share (pence)        8                               (6.60)                            (0.54) 
----------------------------------  -------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Adjusted EBITDA: 
 Loss before tax - as above                                       (8,149,855)                         (520,390) 
 Add back: 
 Depreciation                          11                           4,020,265                         4,036,957 
 Finance costs                         6                              910,885                         1,096,462 
 Impairment of assets                10, 11                         4,019,871                           129,001 
 EBITDA                                                               801,166                         4,742,030 
 Share-based payments expense          20                              14,578                            53,963 
 Restaurant opening costs              3                               53,378                            18,075 
 Payroll provision                     3                              353,012                                 - 
 Loss on disposal of fixed assets                                     171,617                           298,022 
 Abandoned project costs                                                    -                           156,849 
 Adjusted EBITDA                                                    1,393,751                         5,268,939 

All of the above results are derived from continuing operations. Loss for the year and total comprehensive loss for the year is entirely attributable to the equity shareholders of the Company.

Consolidated balance sheet

At 31 December 2020

                                                       Notes          31 December                31 December 
                                                                          2020                       2019 
                                                                          GBP                        GBP 
 Non-current assets 
 Intangible assets                                      10                         55,267                   87,675 
 Property, plant and equipment                          11                      8,473,596               11,287,115 
 Right-of-use assets                                    11                     17,596,744               23,951,079 
 Deferred tax asset                                     18                              -                  139,588 
----------------------------------------------------  ------ 
                                                                               26,125,607               35,465,457 
 Current asset 
 Inventories                                            13                        424,673                  594,409 
 Trade and other receivables                            14                      1,100,922                2,202,974 
 Cash and cash equivalents                                                      7,833,676                5,076,610 
----------------------------------------------------  ------ 
                                                                                9,359,271                7,873,993 
 Total assets                                                                  35,484,878               43,339,450 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 
 Current liabilities 
 Borrowings                                             16                      (250,000)                (261,611) 
 Trade and other payables                               15                    (6,527,668)              (5,015,604) 
 Lease liabilities                                      27                    (2,443,198)              (2,481,471) 
 Current tax liabilities                                                         (45,817)                (184,125) 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 
                                                                              (9,266,683)              (7,942,811) 
 Non-current liabilities 
 Borrowings                                             16                    (2,750,000)                 (55,735) 
 Provisions for liabilities                             17                      (832,455)                (438,570) 
 Lease liabilities                                      27                   (20,161,543)             (24,170,903) 
 Deferred tax liability                                 18                              -                (170,283) 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 
                                                                             (23,743,998)             (24,835,491) 
 Total liabilities                                                           (33,010,681)             (32,778,302) 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 
 Net assets                                                                     2,474,197               10,561,148 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 
 Share capital                                          19                      1,226,667                1,226,667 
 Share premium                                                                 10,050,313               10,050,313 
 Other reserves                                         20                         97,286                   82,708 
 Retained losses                                                              (8,900,069)                (798,540) 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 
 Total equity - attributable to equity shareholders 
  of the company                                                                2,474,197               10,561,148 
----------------------------------------------------  ------  ---------------------------  ----------------------- 

The financial statements of Comptoir Group PLC (company registration number 07741283) were approved by the Board of Directors and authorised for issue on 9(th) June 2021 and were signed on its behalf by:

Chaker Hanna

Chief Executive Officer

Consolidated statement of changes in equity

For the year ended 31 December 2020

                  Notes          Share                  Share                  Other                 Retained              Total 
                                 capital                premium               reserves                losses               equity 
                                  GBP                    GBP                    GBP                    GBP                  GBP 
  balance at 1 
  2019                               1,226,667             10,050,313                 28,745              (131,577)         11,174,148 
---------------  ------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ----------------- 
 Restated loss 
  for the year                               -                      -                      -              (666,963)          (666,963) 
 with owners 
  payments         20                        -                      -                 53,963                      -             53,963 
 At 31 December 
  2019                               1,226,667             10,050,313                 82,708              (798,540)         10,561,148 
---------------  ------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ----------------- 
 At 1 January 
  2020                               1,226,667             10,050,313                 82,708              (798,540)         10,561,148 
 Loss for the 
  year                                       -                      -                      -            (8,101,529)        (8,101,529) 
 with owners 
  payments         20                        -                      -                 14,578                      -             14,578 
 At 31 December 
  2020                               1,226,667             10,050,313                 97,286            (8,900,069)          2,474,197 
---------------  ------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------  ----------------- 

Consolidated statement of cash flows

For the year ended 31 December 2020

                                               Notes               Year ended                     Year ended 
                                                                   31 December                    31 December 
                                                                       2020                           2019 
                                                                       GBP                            GBP 
 Operating activities 
 Cash inflow from operations                          23                     2,842,394                       5,654,971 
 Interest paid                                                                 (6,253)                        (21,730) 
 Tax paid                                                                    (120,677)                        (93,981) 
 Net cash from operating activities                                          2,715,464                       5,539,260 
-----------------------------------------  -------------  ----------------------------  ------------------------------ 
 Investing activities 
 Purchase of property, plant & equipment              11                     (182,578)                     (1,287,749) 
 Net cash used in investing activities                                       (182,578)                     (1,287,749) 
-----------------------------------------  -------------  ----------------------------  ------------------------------ 
 Financing activities 
 Payment of lease liabilities                         27                   (2,458,474)                     (3,373,788) 
 Bank loan proceeds                                                          3,000,000                               - 
 Bank loan repayments                                 24                     (317,346)                       (425,786) 
 Net cash from/(used in) financing 
  activities                                                                   224,180                     (3,799,574) 
-----------------------------------------  -------------  ----------------------------  ------------------------------ 
 Increase in cash and cash equivalents                                       2,757,066                         451,937 
 Cash and cash equivalents at beginning 
  of year                                                                    5,076,610                       4,624,673 
 Cash and cash equivalents at end of 
  year                                                                       7,833,676                       5,076,610 
-----------------------------------------  -------------  ----------------------------  ------------------------------ 

Notes to the consolidated financial statements

For the year ended 31 December 2020

   1.   Segmental analysis 

The Group has only one operating segment being: the operation of restaurants with Lebanese and Middle Eastern Offerings and one geographical segment being the United Kingdom. The Group's brands meet the aggregation criteria set out in paragraph 22 of IFRS 8 'Operating Segments' and as such the Group reports the business as one reportable segment.

None of the Group's customers individually contribute over 10% of the total revenues.

   2.   Revenue 
                                                            31 December                      31 December 
                                                                2020                             2019 
                                                                GBP                              GBP 
 Income for the year consists of the following: 
 Revenue from continuing operations                                    12,492,506                      33,403,402 
 Other income not included within revenue 
  in the income statement: 
 UberEATs compensation                                                     88,517                         643,739 
 Insurance claims receivable                                              153,186                         346,351 
 Landlord compensation                                                          -                          30,000 
 Covid-19 related rent concessions                                        982,209                               - 
 Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme income                                4,337,498                               - 
                                                                        5,561,410                       1,020,090 
 Total income for the year                                             18,053,916                      34,423,492 
------------------------------------------------  -------------------------------  ------------------------------ 
   3.   Group operating loss 
                                                                         31 December                      31 December 
                                                                                2020                             2019 
                                                                                 GBP                              GBP 
 This is stated after charging/(crediting): 
 Operating lease charges                                                     185,456                          787,222 
 Rent concessions                                                          (982,209)                                - 
 Lease modifications                                                       (340,494)                                - 
 Share-based payments expense (see Note 22)                                   14,578                           53,963 
 Restaurant opening costs                                                     53,378                           18,075 
 Depreciation of property, plant and equipment 
  (see Note 11)                                                            4,020,265                        4,036,957 
 Impairment of assets (see Note 10 & 11)                                   4,019,871                          129,001 
 Loss on disposal of fixed assets                                            171,617                          298,022 
 Auditors' remuneration (see Note 4)                                          52,250                           51,250 
 Payroll provision                                                           353,012                                - 
 Development of the Grab & Go concept subsequently 
  cancelled                                                                        -                           74,551 
 Costs in relation to unopened new sites                                           -                           67,211 
 Reclassification of legal fees                                                    -                           15,087 
---------------------------------------------------  -------------------------------  ------------------------------- 

Operating lease charges relate to additional rental expenses payable based on selected sites achieving a certain level of turnover for the year.

The payroll provision relates to a one-off provision as a result of a review of the current pension scheme in place as part of a planned transition to Payroll Bureau services.

For the initial trading period following opening of a new restaurant, the performance of that restaurant will be lower than that achieved by other, similar mature restaurants. The difference in this performance, which is calculated by reference to gross profit margins amongst other key metrics is quantified and included within opening costs. The breakdown of opening costs, between pre-opening costs and certain post-opening costs for 3 months is shown below:

                                          31 December                   31 December 
                                                 2020                          2019 
                                                  GBP                           GBP 
 Pre-opening costs                             53,378                         3,982 
 Post-opening costs                                 -                        14,093 
                                               53,378                        18,075 
--------------------  -------------------------------  ---------------------------- 
   4.   Auditors' remuneration 
                                                              31 December                   31 December 
                                                                     2020                          2019 
                                                                      GBP                           GBP 
 Auditors' remuneration : 
 Fees payable to Company's auditor for the 
  audit of its annual accounts                                     15,750                        15,750 
 Other fees to the Company's auditors 
 The audit of the Company's subsidiaries                           20,000                        20,000 
 Total audit fees                                                  35,750                        35,750 
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------  ---------------------------- 
 Review of the half-year accounts                                  16,500                        15,500 
 Total non-audit fees                                              16,500                        15,500 
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------  ---------------------------- 
 Total auditors' remuneration                                      52,250                        51,250 
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------  ---------------------------- 
   5.   Staff costs and numbers 
                                                                         31 December                      31 December 
                                                                                2020                             2019 
                                                                                 GBP                              GBP 
 (a) Staff costs (including directors) : 
 Wages and salaries: 
 Kitchen, floor and management wages                                       4,619,492                       11,416,977 
 Apprentice Levy                                                              29,632                           41,455 
 Other costs: 
 Social security costs                                                       456,770                          842,168 
 Share-based payments (note 22)                                               14,578                           53,963 
 Pension costs                                                               107,125                          249,086 
 Total staff costs                                                         5,227,597                       12,603,649 
--------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------  ------------------------------- 
 (b) Staff numbers (including directors)                                      Number                           Number 
 Kitchen and floor staff                                                         463                              538 
 Management staff                                                                 73                              114 
 Total number of staff                                                           536                              652 
--------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------  ------------------------------- 
 (c) Directors' remuneration: 
 Emoluments                                                                  233,456                          495,000 
 Money purchase (and other) pension contributions                             46,186                          101,457 
 Non-Executive directors' fees                                                26,250                           30,000 
 Total directors' costs                                                      305,892                          626,457 
--------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------  ------------------------------- 
 Directors' remuneration disclosed above include the following amounts 
  paid to the highest paid director: 
 Emoluments                                                                   71,250                          187,500 
 Money purchase (and other) pension contributions                             27,947                           50,134 
--------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------  ------------------------------- 

Further details on Directors' emoluments and the executive pension schemes are given in the Directors' report.

   6.   Finance costs 
                                                           31 December                   31 December 
                                                                  2020                          2019 
                                                                   GBP                           GBP 
 Interest payable and similar charges: 
 Interest on bank loans and overdraft                            6,253                        21,730 
 Interest on lease liabilties                                  904,632                     1,074,732 
 Total finance costs for the year                              910,885                     1,096,462 
---------------------------------------  -----------------------------  ---------------------------- 
   7.   Taxation 

The major components of income tax for the years ended 31 December 2020 and 2019 are:

   (a)   Analysis of charge in the year: 
 a) Analysis of charge in the year: 
                                                                       31 December                      31 December 
                                                                              2020                             2019 
                                                                               GBP                              GBP 
 Current tax: 
 UK corporation tax on the profit/(loss) 
  for the year                                                            (18,663)                          119,645 
 Adjustments in respect of previous years                                    1,032                              436 
 Deferred tax: 
 Origination and reversal of temporary differences                        (29,611)                              317 
 Tax losses carried forward                                                (1,084)                           26,175 
 Total tax (credit)/charge for the year                                   (48,326)                          146,573 
---------------------------------------------------  -----------------------------  ------------------------------- 

b) Factors affecting the tax charge for the year:

The tax charged for the year varies from the standard rate of corporation tax in the UK due to the following factors:

                                                                     31 December                       31 December 
                                                                            2020                              2019 
                                                                             GBP                               GBP 
 Loss before tax                                                     (8,149,855)                         (520,390) 
 Expected tax credit based on the standard 
  rate of corporation tax in the UK of 19% 
  (2019: 19%)                                                        (1,548,472)                          (98,874) 
 Effects of: 
 Depreciation on non-qualifying assets                                   123,867                           122,499 
 Expenses not deductible for tax purposes                                768,144                            95,716 
 Adjustments in respect of previous tax years                              1,032                               436 
 Deferred tax                                                                  -                            26,492 
 Other miscellaneous items                                                     -                               304 
 Losses not recognised as deferred tax                                   607,103                                 - 
 Total tax (credit)/charge for the year                                 (48,326)                           146,573 
----------------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
   8.    Loss per share 

On 4 July 2018 the company granted 4,890,000 approved options to key employees under a new Company Share Option Plan ("CSOP"). For further details see note 22.

The basic and diluted loss per share figures, is based on the weighted average number of shares in issue during the period.

The basic and diluted loss per share figures are set out below:

                                                           31 December                      31 December 
                                                                  2020                             2019 
                                                                   GBP                              GBP 
 Loss attributable to shareholders                         (8,101,529)                        (666,963) 
                                                                  2020                             2019 
 Weighted average number of shares 
 For basic earnings per share                              122,666,667                      122,666,667 
 Adjustment for options outstanding                                  -                          180,385 
 For diluted earnings per share                            122,666,667                      122,847,052 
------------------------------------  --------------------------------  ------------------------------- 
                                                                  2020                             2019 
                                                             Pence per                        Pence per 
                                                                 share                            share 
 Loss per share: 
 Basic (pence) 
 From loss for the year                                         (6.60)                           (0.54) 
 Diluted (pence) 
 From loss for the year                                         (6.60)                           (0.54) 

Diluted (loss)/earnings per share is calculated by dividing the profit or loss attributable to ordinary shareholders by the weighted average number of shares and 'in the money' share options in issue. Share options are classified as 'in the money' if their exercise price is lower than the average share price for the period. As required by IAS 33 'Earnings Per Share', this calculation assumes that the proceeds receivable from the exercise of 'in the money' options would be used to purchase share options in the open market in order to reduce the number of new shares that would need to be issued. As the shares were not 'in the money' as at 31 December 2020 and consequently would be antidilutive, no adjustment was made in respect of the share options outstanding to determine the diluted number of options.

   9.    Dividends 

No dividends were paid or declared in the year ended 31 December 2020 (2019: GBPnil).

10. Intangible assets

                                                                   Goodwill                             Total 
                                                                        GBP                               GBP 
 At 1 January 2019                                                   89,961                            89,961 
 Additions                                                                -                                 - 
                                           --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 At 31 December 2019                                                 89,961                            89,961 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Accumulated amortisation and impairment 
 At 1 January 2019                                                  (2,286)                           (2,286) 
 Amortised during the year                                                -                                 - 
 Impairments                                                              -                                 - 
                                           --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 At 31 December 2019                                                (2,286)                           (2,286) 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Net Book Value as at 31 December 2018                               87,675                            87,675 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Net Book Value as at 31 December 2019                               87,675                            87,675 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
                                                                   Goodwill                             Total 
                                                                        GBP                               GBP 
 At 1 January 2020                                                   89,961                            89,961 
 Additions                                                                -                                 - 
                                           --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 At 31 December 2020                                                 89,961                            89,961 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Accumulated amortisation and impairment 
 At 1 January 2020                                                  (2,286)                           (2,286) 
 Amortised during the year                                                -                                 - 
 Impairments                                                       (32,408)                          (32,408) 
                                           --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 At 31 December 2020                                               (34,694)                          (34,694) 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Net Book Value as at 31 December 2019                               87,675                            87,675 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 
 Net Book Value as at 31 December 2020                               55,267                            55,267 
-----------------------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------------- 

Goodwill arising on business combinations is not amortised but is subject to an impairment test annually which compares the goodwill's 'value in use' to its carrying value. During the year, 100% of the goodwill allocated to Yalla Yalla Winsley, being GBP32,408 was impaired based on the impairment test. The remaining goodwill related to Yalla Yalla Soho. No impairment of goodwill was considered necessary in relation to this site.

11. Property, plant and equipment

 Group                            Right-of                Leasehold                Plant and                 Fixture,             Motor Vehicles               Total 
                                use Assets                 Land and                machinery                 fittings 
                                                          buildings                                       & equipment 
                                       GBP                      GBP                      GBP                      GBP                        GBP                 GBP 
 At 1 January 
  2019                          27,669,309               11,490,327                4,949,517                3,096,004                     15,120          47,220,277 
 Additions                       1,426,428                  647,651                  360,815                  240,973                     38,310           2,714,177 
 Disposals                               -                (623,376)                (158,449)                (220,458)                          -         (1,002,283) 
 At 31 December 
  2019                          29,095,737               11,514,602                5,151,883                3,116,519                     53,430          48,932,171 
---------------  -------------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------  ------------------ 
 and impairment 
 At 1 January 
  2019                         (2,427,099)              (4,335,233)              (2,257,899)              (1,205,357)                    (5,443)        (10,231,031) 
  the year                     (2,621,243)                (760,432)                (452,878)                (200,473)                    (1,930)         (4,036,957) 
  during the 
  year                                   -                  466,755                  104,464                  131,792                          -             703,011 
  during the 
  year                            (96,316)                 (18,947)                  (7,074)                  (6,665)                          -           (129,001) 
 At 31 December 
  2019                         (5,144,658)              (4,647,857)              (2,613,387)              (1,280,703)                    (7,373)        (13,693,978) 
---------------  -------------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------  ------------------ 
 At 1 January 
  2020                          29,095,737               11,514,602                5,151,883                3,116,519                     53,430          48,932,171 
 Additions                               -                   50,421                   92,216                   39,942                          -             182,579 
 Disposals                               -                (549,000)                (443,325)                (297,914)                          -         (1,290,239) 
 Modifications                 (1,171,088)                        -                        -                        -                          -         (1,171,088) 
 At 31 December 
  2020                          27,924,649               11,016,023                4,800,774                2,858,547                     53,430          46,653,423 
---------------  -------------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------  ------------------ 
 and impairment 
 At 1 January 
  2020                         (5,144,658)              (4,647,857)              (2,613,387)              (1,280,703)                    (7,373)        (13,693,978) 
  the year                     (2,650,381)                (786,000)                (390,594)                (191,728)                    (1,562)         (4,020,265) 
  during the 
  year                                   -                  523,287                  363,668                  231,668                          -           1,118,623 
  during the 
  year                         (2,532,866)                (967,600)                (285,767)                (201,230)                          -         (3,987,463) 
 At 31 December 
  2020                        (10,327,905)              (5,878,170)              (2,926,080)              (1,441,993)                    (8,935)        (20,583,083) 
---------------  -------------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------  ------------------ 
 Net Book Value 
  as at 
  31 December 
  2019                          23,951,079                6,866,745                2,538,496                1,835,816                     46,057          35,238,194 
---------------  -------------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------  ------------------ 
 Net Book Value 
  as at 
  31 December 
  2020                          17,596,744                5,137,853                1,874,694                1,416,554                     44,495          26,070,340 
---------------  -------------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------  ------------------ 

The right of use assets relates to one class of underlying assets, being the property leases entered into for various restaurant sites. At each reporting date the Group considers any indication of impairment to the carrying value of its property, plant and equipment.

The assessment is based on expected future cash flows and Value-in-Use calculations are performed annually and at each reporting date and is carried out on each restaurant as these are separate 'cash generating units' (CGU). Value-in-use was calculated as the net present value of the projected risk-adjusted post-tax cash flows plus a terminal value of the CGU. A pre-tax discount rate was applied to calculate the net present value of pre-tax cash flows. The discount rate was calculated using a market participant weighted average cost of capital. A single rate has been used for all sites as management believe the risks to be the same for all sites.

The recoverable amount of each CGU has been calculated with reference to its value-in-use. The key assumptions of this calculation are shown below:

   Sales and costs growth                     3% 
   Discount rate                                      5.9% 
   Number of years projected              over life of lease 

The projected sales growth was based on the Group's latest forecasts at the time of review. The key assumptions in the cashflow pertain to revenue growth. Management have determined that growth based on industry average growth rates and actuals achieved historically are the best indication of growth going forward. The Directors are confident that the Group is largely immune from the effects of Brexit and forecasts have considered the impact of COVID-19. Management has also performed sensitivity analysis on all inputs to the model and noted no material sensitivities in the model.

Based on the review, an impairment charge of GBP4,019,871 (2019: GBP129,001) was recorded for the year.

12. Subsidiaries

The subsidiaries of Comptoir Group Plc, all of which have been included in these consolidated financial statements, are as follows:

 Name                              Country of            Proportion of                    Non-Controlling 
                                  incorporation        ownership interest            interests Ownership/voting 
                                  and principal        as at 31 December                   interest at 31 
                                place of business                                             December 
                                                       2020        2019             2020                  2019 
----------------------------  --------------------  ----------  ----------  --------------------  -------------------- 
                               England & 
 Timerest Limited               Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Chabane Limited*               Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Franchise Limited     Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Shawa Group Limited*           Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Shawa Bluewater Limited*       Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Shawa Limited                  Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Shawa Rupert Street           England & 
  Limited*                      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Stratford Limited*    Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir South Ken Limited*    Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Soho Limited*         Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Comptoir Central Production   England & 
  Limited*                      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Comptoir Westfield London     England & 
  Limited*                      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Levant Restaurants Group      England & 
  Limited*                      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Chelsea Limited*      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Bluewater Limited*    Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Wigmore Limited*      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Kingston Limited*     Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Broadgate Limited*    Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Comptoir Manchester           England & 
  Limited*                      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Comptoir Restaurants          England & 
  Limited                       Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Leeds Limited*        Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Comptoir Oxford Street        England & 
  Limited*                      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir I.P. Limited*         Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Reading Limited*      Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 TKCH Limited*                  Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Bath Limited*         Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Exeter Limited*       Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
 Yalla Yalla Restaurants       England & 
  Limited                       Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Haymarket Ltd*        Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
                               England & 
 Comptoir Oxford Limited*       Wales                     100%        100%                     -                     - 
----------------------------  --------------------  ----------  ----------  --------------------  -------------------- 
 *Dormant companies 

13. Inventories

                                            31 December           31 December 
                                                2020                  2019 
                                                GBP                   GBP 
 Finished goods and goods for resale                424,673               594,409 
-------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 

14. Trade and other receivables

                                      31 December   31 December 
                                          2020          2019 
                                          GBP           GBP 
 Trade receivables                         50,027       736,179 
 Other receivables                        576,320       796,923 
 Prepayments and accrued income           474,575       669,872 
 Total trade and other receivables      1,100,922     2,202,974 
-----------------------------------  ------------  ------------ 

15. Trade and other payables

                                           31 December           31 December 
                                               2020                  2019 
                                               GBP                   GBP 
 Trade payables                                  2,517,573             2,399,243 
 Accruals                                        3,265,436             1,511,579 
 Other taxation and social security                637,640               974,453 
 Other payables                                    107,019               130,329 
 Total trade and other payables                  6,527,668             5,015,604 
------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 

16. Borrowings

                                                      31 December            31 December 
                                                          2020                   2019 
 Amounts falling due within one year:                     GBP                    GBP 
  Bank loans (see below)                                      250,000                 261,611 
 Total borrowings                                             250,000                 261,611 
-----------------------------------------------  --------------------  ---------------------- 
 Amounts falling due after more than one year: 
  Bank loans (see below)                                    2,750,000                  55,735 
 Total borrowings                                           2,750,000                  55,735 
-----------------------------------------------  --------------------  ---------------------- 

During the year all loans outstanding as at 31 December 2019 were repaid and the Group obtained a GBP3m Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme ("CBILS") loan.

The CBILS loan is secured by way of fixed charges over the assets of various Group companies. The CBIL loan of GBP3,000,000 represent amounts repayable within one year of GBP250,000 (2019: GBP261,611) and GBP2,750,000 (2019: GBP55,735) repayable in more than one year. The bank loan has a six-year term with maturity date in 2026. The loan has an initial interest free period of 12 months followed by a rate of interest of 2.5% over the Bank base rate.

17. Provisions for liabilities

                                                         31 December              31 December 
                                                             2020                     2019 
                                                             GBP                      GBP 
 Provisions for leasehold property dilapidations                 106,411                      65,538 
 Provisions for rent reviews per lease agreements                373,032                     373,032 
 Provisions for payroll pension costs                            353,012                           - 
 Total provisions                                                832,455                     438,570 
--------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------------- 
 Movements on provisions:                                    GBP                      GBP 
 At 1 January 2020                                               438,570                      60,892 
 Provision in the year (net of releases)                         393,885                     377,678 
 Total at 31 December 2020                                       832,455                     438,570 
--------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------------- 

Provisions for leasehold property dilapidation repairs are recognised when the Group has a present obligation to carry out dilapidation repair work on the leasehold premises before the property is vacated. The amount recognised as a provision is the best estimate of the costs required to carry out the dilapidations work and is spread over the expected period of the tenancy.

Provisions for rent reviews relates to any increases in rent that may become payable based on scheduled rent review dates as per lease agreements.

The payroll provision relates to a one-off provision as a result of a review of the current pension scheme in place as part of a planned transition to Payroll Bureau services.

18. Deferred taxation

Deferred tax assets and liabilities are offset where the Group or Company has a legally enforceable right to do so. The following is the analysis of the deferred tax balances (after offset) for financial reporting purposes:

 Group                        Liabilities              Liabilities               Assets                 Assets 
                                  2020                    2019                    2020                   2019 
                                  GBP                      GBP                    GBP                     GBP 
 Accelerated capital                          -                 170,283                      -                       - 
 Tax losses                                   -                       -                      -                 139,588 
 Share-based payments                         -                       -                      -                       - 
                                              -                 170,283                      -                 139,588 
 ----------------------------------------------  ----------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------- 
 Movements in the year:                          Group               Group 
                                                  2020                2019 
                                                  GBP                 GBP 
 Net liability at 1 January                          (30,695)            (4,203) 
 Charge to Statement of Comprehensive 
  Income (note 7)                                      30,695           (26,492) 
 Net liability at year end                                  -           (30,695) 
                                          -------------------  ----------------- 

The deferred tax liability set out above is related to accelerated capital allowances and will reverse over the period that the fixed assets to which it relates are depreciated.

19. Share capital

 Authorised, issued and fully paid                         Number of 1p shares 
                                               31 December                     31 December 
                                                   2020                            2019 
 Brought forward                                        122,666,667                     122,666,667 
 Issued in the period                                             -                               - 
 At 31 December                                         122,666,667                     122,666,667 
-----------------------------------  ------------------------------  ------------------------------ 
                                                              Nominal value 
                                               31 December                     31 December 
                                                   2020                            2019 
                                                   GBP                             GBP 
 Brought forward                                          1,226,667                       1,226,667 
 Issues in the period                                             -                               - 
 At 31 December                                           1,226,667                       1,226,667 
-----------------------------------  ------------------------------  ------------------------------ 

20. Other reserves

The other reserves amount of GBP97,286 (2019: GBP82,708) in the balance sheet reflects the credit to equity made in respect of the charge for share-based payments made through the income statement and the purchase of shares in the market in order to satisfy the vesting of existing and future share awards under the Long-Term Incentive Plan.

21. Retirement benefit schemes

 Defined contribution schemes    31 December   31 December 
                                     2020          2019 
                                     GBP           GBP 
 Charge to profit and loss           107,125       249,086 
------------------------------  ------------  ------------ 

A defined contribution scheme is operated for all qualifying employees. The assets of the scheme are held separately from those of the Group in an independently administered fund.

22. Share-based payments scheme

Equity-settled share-based payments

On 4 July 2018, the Group established a Company Share Option Plan ("CSOP") under which 4,890,000 share options were granted to key employees. On the same day, the options which had been granted under the Group's existing EMI share option scheme were cancelled.

The new CSOP scheme includes all subsidiary companies headed by Comptoir Group PLC. The exercise price of all of the options is GBP0.1025 and the term to expiration is 3 years from the date of grant, being 4 July 2018. All of the options have the same vesting conditions attached to them.

A share-based payment charge of GBP14,578 (2019: GBP53,963) was recognised during the year in relation to the new scheme and this amount is included within administrative expenses and added back in calculating adjusted EBITDA.

                                                     31 December                                               31 December 
                                                         2020                                                      2019 
                                                       Average                                                   Average 
                                                       Exercise                                                  Exercise 
                                                         price                                                     price 
                       No. of shares                     GBP                     No. of shares                     GBP 
 CSOP options 
  of year                         4,690,000                       0.1025                    4,890,000                       0.1025 
 Granted                                  -                            -                            -                            - 
 Cancelled                        1,380,000                       0.1025                      200,000                       0.1025 
  of year                         3,310,000                       0.1025                    4,690,000                       0.1025 
--------------  ---------------------------  ---------------------------  ---------------------------  --------------------------- 
 Options                                  -                            -                            -                            - 
  of year 
--------------  ---------------------------  ---------------------------  ---------------------------  --------------------------- 

The Black-Scholes option pricing model is used to estimate the fair value of options granted under the Group's share-based compensation plan. The range of assumptions used and the resulting weighted average fair value of options granted at the date of grant for the Group were as follows:

                                                    On grant 
 Risk free rate of return                                0.1% 
 Expected term                                        3 years 
 Estimated volatility                                   51.3% 
 Expected dividend yield                                   0% 
 Weighted average fair value of options granted    GBP0.03527 
------------------------------------------------  ----------- 

Risk free interest rate

The risk-free interest rate is based on the UK 10-year Gilt yield.

Expected term

The expected term represents the maximum term that the Group's share options in relation to employees of the Group are expected to be outstanding. The expected term is based on expectations using information available.

Estimated volatility

The estimated volatility is the amount by which the price is expected to fluctuate during the period. No share options were granted during the current year, the estimated volatility for the share options issued in the prior year was determined based on the standard deviation of share price fluctuations of similar businesses.

Expected dividends

Comptoir's board of directors may from time to time declare dividends on its outstanding shares. Any determination to declare and pay dividends will be made by Comptoir Group PLC's board of directors and will depend upon the Group's results, earnings, capital requirements, financial condition, business prospects, contractual restrictions and other factors deemed relevant by the board of directors. In the event that a dividend is declared, there is no assurance with respect to the amount, timing or frequency of any such dividends. Based on this uncertainty and unknown frequency, no dividend rate was used in the assumptions to calculate the share based compensation expense.

23. Reconciliation of (loss)/profit to cash generated from operations

                                                               31 December                     31 December 
                                                                   2020                            2019 
                                                                   GBP                             GBP 
 Operating (loss)/profit for the year                                  (7,238,970)                           576,072 
 Depreciation                                                            4,020,265                         4,036,957 
 Loss on disposal of fixed assets                                          171,617                           299,272 
 Impairment of assets                                                    4,019,871                           129,001 
 Rent concessions                                                        (982,209)                                 - 
 Lease modifications                                                     (340,494)                                 - 
 Share-based payment charge                                                 14,578                            53,963 
 Movements in working capital 
 Decrease in inventories                                                   169,736                           112,332 
 Decrease/(increase) in trade and other receivables                      1,102,052                         (344,532) 
 Increase in payables and provisions                                     1,905,948                           791,906 
 Cash from operations                                                    2,842,394                         5,654,971 
----------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------  -------------------------------- 

24. Reconciliation of changes in cash to the movement in net cash/(debt)

 Net cash/(debt):                                                     Restated 
                                         31 December                 31 December 
                                             2020                        2019 
                                             GBP                         GBP 
 At the beginning of the year                  (21,914,841)                (23,643,462) 
 Movements in the year: 
 Bank and other borrowings                      (2,660,924)                     425,786 
 Lease liabilities                                2,458,474                   3,373,788 
 Non-cash movements in the year                   1,589,160                 (2,522,890) 
 Cash inflow/(outflow)                            2,757,066                     451,937 
 At the end of the year                        (17,771,065)                (21,914,841) 
--------------------------------  -------------------------  -------------------------- 
 Represented            Restated                    Restated                       Restated                       Restated 
 by:                   At 1 January                 Cash flow                      Non- cash                    At 31 December 
                           2019                     movements                    flow movements                      2019 
                                                   in the year                    in the year 
                           GBP                         GBP                            GBP                            GBP 
 Cash and 
  equivalents                   4,624,673                     451,937                                 -                   5,076,610 
 Bank loans                     (743,132)                     425,786                          (21,730)                   (339,076) 
  liabilities                (27,525,003)                   3,373,788                       (2,501,160)                (26,652,375) 
                             (23,643,462)                   4,251,511                       (2,522,890)                (21,914,841) 
-------------  --------------------------  --------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------- 
                      At 1 January                  Cash flow                      Non- cash                   At 31 December 
                           2020                     movements                    flow movements                      2020 
                                                   in the year                    in the year 
                           GBP                         GBP                            GBP                            GBP 
 Cash and 
  equivalents                   5,076,610                   2,757,066                                 -                   7,833,676 
 Bank loans                     (339,076)                 (2,660,924)                                 -                 (3,000,000) 
  liabilities                (26,652,375)                   2,458,474                         1,589,160                (22,604,741) 
                             (21,914,841)                   2,554,616                         1,589,160                (17,771,065) 
-------------  --------------------------  --------------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------------- 

Restatement of the prior year relates to the inclusion of lease liabilities in the analysis.

25. Financial instruments

The Group finances its operations through equity and borrowings, with the borrowing interest subject to 2.5% per annum over base rate.

Management pay rigorous attention to treasury management requirements and continue to:

-- ensure sufficient committed loan facilities are in place to support anticipated business requirements;

-- ensure the Group's debt service will be supported by anticipated cash flows and that covenants will be complied with; and

-- manage interest rate exposure with a combination of floating rate debt and interest rate swaps when deemed appropriate.

The Board closely monitors the Group's treasury strategy and the management of treasury risk. Further details of the Group's capital risk management can be found in the report of the Directors.

Further details on the business risk factors that are considered to affect the Group are included in the strategic report and more specific financial risk management (including sensitivity to increases in interest rates) are

included in the Report of the Directors. Further details on market and economic risk and headroom against covenants are included in the Strategic Report.

Financial assets and liabilities

Group financial assets:

                                                     31 December                31 December 
                                                         2020                       2019 
                                                         GBP                        GBP 
 Cash and cash equivalents                                   7,833,676                   5,076,610 
 Trade and other receivables                                 1,093,890                   2,202,974 
 Total financial assets                                      8,927,566                   7,279,584 
--------------------------------------------  ------------------------  -------------------------- 
 Group financial liabilities:                        31 December                31 December 
                                                         2020                       2019 
                                                         GBP                        GBP 
 Trade and other payables excl. corporation 
  tax                                                        6,527,668                   5,015,604 
 Bank loan                                                     250,000                     261,611 
 Short-term financial liabilities                            6,777,668                   5,277,215 
--------------------------------------------  ------------------------  -------------------------- 
 Bank loan                                                   2,750,000                      55,735 
 Long-term financial liabilities                             2,750,000                      55,735 
--------------------------------------------  ------------------------  -------------------------- 
 Total financial liabilities                                 9,527,668                   5,332,950 
--------------------------------------------  ------------------------  -------------------------- 

The bank loan has an interest rate of 2.5% per annum over base rate.

The maturity profile of anticipated gross future cash flows, including interest, relating to the Group's non-derivative financial liabilities, on an undiscounted basis, are set out below:

                                            Trade and                      Bank loans 
                                          other payables 
                                               GBP                             GBP 
 As at 31 December 2019 
 Within one year                                      5,015,604                         261,611 
 Within two to five years                                     -                          55,735 
 Less future interest payments                                -                         (7,151) 
 Total                                                5,015,604                         310,195 
-------------------------------  ------------------------------  ------------------------------ 
 As at 31 December 2020 
 Within one year                                      6,527,668                         250,000 
 Within two to five years                                     -                       2,750,000 
 Less future interest payments                                -                               - 
 Total                                                6,527,668                       3,000,000 
-------------------------------  ------------------------------  ------------------------------ 

*excluding corporation tax

Fair value of financial assets and liabilities

All financial assets and liabilities are accounted for at cost and the Directors consider the carrying value to approximate their fair value.

26. Financial risk management

The Group's and Company's financial instruments comprise investments, cash and liquid resources, and various items, such as trade receivables and trade payables that arise directly from its operations. The vast majority of the Group's and Company's financial investments are denominated in sterling.

Neither the Group nor the Company enter into derivatives or hedging transactions. It is, and has been throughout the period under review, the Group's and Company's policy that no trading in financial instruments shall be undertaken.

The main risks arising from the Group's and Company's financial instruments are credit risk, liquidity risk, foreign currency risk, interest rate risk and investment risk. The Group does not have a material exposure to foreign currency risk. The board reviews policies for managing each of these risks, and they are summarised as follows:

Credit Risk

Credit risk refers to the risk that a counterparty will default on its contractual obligations resulting in financial losses to the Group. Counterparties for cash balances are with large established financial institutions. The Group is exposed to credit related losses in the event of non-performance by the financial institutions but does not expect them to fail to meet their obligations.

As a retail business with trading receipts settled either by cash or credit and debit cards, there is very limited exposure from customer transactions. The Group is exposed to credit risk in respect of commercial discounts receivable from suppliers but the Directors believe adequate provision has been made in respect of doubtful debts and there are no material amounts past due that have not been provided against.

The carrying amount of financial assets recorded in the financial statements, net of any allowances for losses, represents the Group's maximum exposure to credit risk.

Liquidity risk

The Group has built an appropriate mechanism to manage liquidity risk of the short, medium and long-term funding and liquidity management requirements. Liquidity risk is managed through the maintenance of adequate cash reserves and bank facilities by monitoring forecast and actual cash flows and matching the maturity profiles of financial assets and liabilities. The Group's loan facilities (as set out in Note 16), ensure continuity of funding, provided the Group continues to meet its covenant requirements (as detailed in the report of the Directors).

Foreign currency risk

The Group is not materially exposed to changes in foreign currency rates and does not use foreign exchange forward contracts.

Interest rate risk

Exposure to interest rate movements has been controlled historically through the use of floating rate debt to achieve a balanced interest rate profile. The Group does not currently have any interest rate swaps in place as the continued reduction in the level of debt combined with current market conditions results in a low level of exposure. The Group's exposure will continue to be monitored and the use of interest rate swaps may be considered in the future.

Investment risk

Investment risk includes investing in companies that may not perform as expected. The Group's investment criteria focus on the quality of the business and the management team of the target company, market potential

and the ability of the investment to attain the returns required within the time horizon set for the investment. Due diligence is undertaken on each investment. The Group regularly reviews the investments in order to monitor the level of risk and mitigate exposure where appropriate.

27. Lease commitments

The Group has leases assets including 26 restaurants and one head office location within the United Kingdom. The Group has elected to not take the practical expedient for short term and low values leases, therefore all leases have been included. The remaining lease terms range from less than one year to 21 years with an average remaining lease term of 8 years.

Information about leases for which the Group is a lessee is presented below:

 Net book value of right of use assets            31 December                    31 December 
                                                      2020                           2019 
                                                      GBP                            GBP 
 Balance at 1 January                                       23,951,079                     25,242,211 
 Additions                                                           -                      1,426,428 
 Depreciation chage                                        (2,650,381)                    (2,621,243) 
 Impairment charge                                         (2,532,866)                       (96,316) 
 Modifications                                             (1,171,088)                              - 
                                                            17,596,744                     23,951,079 
---------------------------------------  -----------------------------  ----------------------------- 
 Maturity analysis - contractual undiscounted        31 December            31 December 
  cash flows                                             2020                   2019 
                                                         GBP                    GBP 
 Within one year                                          (3,207,583)            (3,474,376) 
 More than one year                                      (24,723,329)           (30,034,528) 
                                                         (27,930,912)           (33,508,904) 
----------------------------------------------  ---------------------  --------------------- 
 Lease liabilities included in the statement        31 December            31 December 
  of financial position                                 2020                   2019 
                                                        GBP                    GBP 
 Current                                                 (2,443,198)            (2,481,471) 
 Non-current                                            (20,161,543)           (24,170,903) 
                                                        (22,604,741)           (26,652,374) 
---------------------------------------------  ---------------------  --------------------- 
                                                      31 December                 31 December 
 Amounts charged/(credited) in profit or loss             2020                        2019 
                                                          GBP                         GBP 
 Interest on lease liabilities                                  904,632                      1,074,732 
 Expenses relating to variable lease payments                   185,456                        787,222 
 Rent concessions                                             (982,209)                              - 
 Lease modifications                                          (340,494)                              - 
                                                              (232,616)                      1,861,954 
----------------------------------------------  -----------------------  ----------------------------- 

Some site leases contained clauses on variable lease payments where additional lease payments may be required dependant on the revenue being generated at that particular site. Variable lease payments ranged from 9% -15% of revenue in excess of the existing base rent per the respective lease agreements.

                                                     31 December            31 December 
 Amounts recognised in statement of cash flow            2020                   2019 
                                                         GBP                    GBP 
 Total cash outflow for leases                              2,458,474              3,373,788 
                                                            2,458,474              3,373,788 
----------------------------------------------  ---------------------  --------------------- 

28. Contingent liabilities

The Group had no contingent liabilities at 31 December 2020 or 31 December 2019.

29. Capital commitments

The Group had no capital commitments of at 31 December 2020 (2019: GBP34,865).

30. Related party transactions

Remuneration in respect of key management personnel, defined as the Directors for this purpose, is disclosed in note 5. Further information concerning the Directors' remuneration is provided in the Directors' remuneration report. During the year, the Group paid fees to the following related parties:

             Remuneration   Pension    Total 
 P Hanna           48,453     1,221    49,673 
 M Kitous          36,557       779    37,336 
 L Kitous          17,602       319    17,922 
                  102,612     2,319   104,931 
----------  -------------  --------  -------- 

During the year, the Group also paid fees of GBP26,250 (2019: GBP30,000) to Messrs Gerald Edelman, a firm in which director R Kleiner is a partner, in respect of part of his non-executive director fees. In addition, the Group paid further amounts totalling GBP5,000 (2019: GBP5,640) to Messrs Gerald Edelman, in respect of accountancy and corporate finance services provided to the Group.

31. Subsequent events

Subsequent to the year end, from 5(th) January 2021 we have been operating under the third national lockdown. In line with the latest Government announcements, we opened 17 outdoor spaces where feasible from 12(th) April 2021 and opened 21 sites for dine in from 17(th) May 2021.

32. Ultimate controlling party

The Company has a number of shareholders and is not under the control of any one person or ultimate controlling party.

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