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Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas Ltd.

31 August 2021

31 August 2021


("Eco," "Eco Atlantic," "Company," or together with its subsidiaries, the "Group")

Unaudited Results for the three months ended 30 June 2021

Corporate and Operational Update

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd. (AIM: ECO, TSX -- V: EOG) , the oil and gas exploration company with licences in the proven oil province of Guyana and the highly prospective basins of Namibia, is pleased to announce its results for the three months ended 30 June 2021, alongside a corporate and operational update.

Results Highlights:


-- Cash and cash equivalents of US$4.85 million (including restricted deposits) and no debt as of 30 June 2021.

   --    Raised US$4.9m in the form of a private placement in July 2021. 

-- Total assets of US$17.9 million, total liabilities of $2.7 million and total equity of US$15.2 million as of 30 June 2021.


Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas

-- Orinduik Block offshore Guyana - all seismic data reprocessing completed and multiple light sweet oil drilling prospects are being reviewed by Eco and its licence partners (the "JV Partners"), with high-graded candidates being considered for the 2022 drilling programme. The intention is to provide further definition to the upper and lower Cretaceous interpretation and target selection for drilling. Target selection is expected in Q3 2021.

-- Continuing to evaluate additional asset opportunities in both West Africa and South America with its strategic partner and substantial shareholder Africa Oil Corp - focus on near-term high-impact exploration opportunities.

-- Closed transaction (28 June 2021) with JHI Associates Inc. ("JHI"), a private company and holder of 17.5% working interest ("WI") in the Canje Block offshore Guyana, to acquire up to a 10% interest in JHI on a fully diluted basis (the "JHI Transaction") and appointment of Keith Hill, a non-executive Director of the Company, to the board of directors of JHI.

o The JHI Transaction increases Eco Atlantic's presence in the Guyana-Suriname basin, increasing its Guyana acreage exposure from 1,800 km(2) to 6,600 km(2) and providing exposure to near-term drilling, with one well drilled subsequent to the JHI Transaction on the Canje Block, Jabillo-1, and further well, Sapote-1, now drilling, and at least one planned on the Orinduik Block in 2022, subject to partner approval.

o Received a detailed update from JHI regarding the Jabillo-1 well in the Canje Block, offshore Guyana on 5 July 2021, which reached its planned target depth and was evaluated, but did not show evidence of commercial hydrocarbons.

o ExxonMobil spud the Sapote-1 well on the Canje block, offshore Guyana, on 29 August 2021, which is expected to reach target depth within 60 days. The Sapote-1 well is the second well in the drilling programme, following the Jabillo-1 well.



-- Guyana continues to be one of the most prolific exploration regions in the world, with over nine billion barrels of oil discovered in the last five years. Eco and the JV Partners* have already delivered two substantial oil discoveries on the Orinduik Block and the Block continues to offer significant upside potential. With the recent increase in oil prices, the JV Partners will revisit the Jethro discovery commercialisation potential.

-- As previously reported, Eco is fully funded for further planned / near term drilling on the Orinduik Block and, with its JV Partners, is assessing all opportunities available to drill at least one exploration well into the light oil cretaceous stacked targets as soon as practical. The Company is fully aligned with its JV Partners on careful target selection for the next drilling campaign, based on the reprocessed 3D seismic data on the block and nearby oil discoveries. Eco expects to be able to update the market on further drilling plans later in Q3 2021.

-- Posted by the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") Guyana on 8 August 2021, ExxonMobil applied for environmental authorisation for a 12-well Exploration and Appraisal Drilling Programme in the Canje Block, offshore Guyana in 2022.

-- The JHI Transaction provides the Company with immediate exposure to an active drilling programme in the Canje Block offshore Guyana. JHI updated Eco on 29 August 2021 that the Block Operator ExxonMobil confirmed the spud of a second exploration well, Sapote-1. The well operations is planned to take up to 60 days.

*The Orinduik Block JV partners are Eco Atlantic (15% working interest ("WI")), Tullow Guyana B.V. ("Tullow") (Operator, 60% WI) and TOQAP Guyana B.V. ("TOQAP") (25% WI) a company jointly owned by TotalEnergies E&P Guyana B.V. (60%) and Qatar Petroleum (40%) .


-- The Company's licences in Namibia cover approximately 28,593 km(2) , with over 2.362 BBOE of prospective P50 resources.

-- Eco has a strategically significant acreage position in-country and is progressing its various work programmes across its four blocks offshore Namibia. The Company has witnessed considerable interest from multiple international oil companies in Namibia.

-- The Company continues to monitor upcoming drilling activity in the region, two high impact deepwater wells in southern Namibia, operated by TotalEnergies and Shell respectively have been confirmed to commence in Q4 2021.

-- TotalEnergies Venus-1 well using the Maersk Venturer was pushed back in 2020 and now expected to spud in Q4 2021. It was reported on 17 August 2021, Shell Namibia have awarded the Valaris DS-10 the contract to drill Graff-1 well, expected to start in Q4 2021 with an estimated duration of 60 days.

Solear Ltd.

-- Solear, a majority owned subsidiary of Eco, is an independent renewable energy company focused on grid-scale solar development projects in southern Europe.

-- Solear's near-term objective is to develop its pipeline of solar assets with competitive rates of return through acquisition, development, and construction of solar assets, led by an experienced renewable energy team.


-- Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Eco has prioritised the welfare of its employees and partners.

-- The Company continues to keep a strict control over costs throughout the business, which continues to generate material savings, ensuring that Eco remains well capitalised with a strong balance sheet.

Gil Holzman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Atlantic, commented:

"It has been a busy period for Eco as we endeavour to realise significant value for shareholders from our world-class asset base. The JHI transaction ensured we have a near-term catalyst for potential drilling success and demonstrated our commitment to expanding our presence in Guyana, a proven and prolific hydrocarbon basin. We look forward to updating the market in due course on results from the Sapote-1 well and on timing of further drilling on the Orinduik Block, as we increase our presence and collaboration in the Guyana-Suriname Basin.

"With regard to the rest of our portfolio, we are excited about the outlook for the Company's significant acreage in Namibia, as we continue to make progress across our four licences and await the two high-impact wells to be drilled by TotalEnergies and Shell in Q4 this year. We remain committed to delivering exploration success in Namibia and will update stakeholders in due course.

"We are upbeat about the Company's prospects for the rest of 2021 and are well placed to deliver long-term success into next year. We look forward to updating all stakeholders as we move forward."

The Company's unaudited financial results for three months ended 30 June 2021, together with Management's Discussion and Analysis for the three months to 30 June 2021, are available to download on the Company's website at www.ecooilandgas.com and on Sedar at www.sedar.com .

The following are the Company's Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statement, and selected notes from the annual Financial Statements. All amounts are in US Dollars, unless otherwise stated.

Balance Sheet

                                                                June 30,                  March 31, 
                                                                 2021                       2021 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
                                                               Unaudited                   Audited 
                                                      --------------------------  ------------------------ 
 Current assets 
           Cash and cash equivalents                                   4,354,980                11,807,309 
           Short-term investments                                         52,618                 1,552,640 
           Government receivable                                           2,083                    22,697 
           Amounts owing by license partners, net                        127,226                   193,655 
           Accounts receivable and prepaid expenses                       59,632                    46,480 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
                                                                       4,596,539                13,622,781 
      Renewable energy licenses                                        1,395,739                 1,411,186 
      Investment in associate                                         10,000,000                         - 
      Right of use assets                                                328,773                   332,495 
      Security deposit                                                   495,391                   490,455 
      Petroleum and natural gas licenses                               1,072,260                 1,072,260 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
   Total Assets                                                       17,888,702                16,929,177 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
 Current liabilities 
       Accounts payable and accrued liabilities                          384,241                   501,022 
       Advances from and amounts owing to 
        license partners, net                                             36,587                    97,153 
       Receipt on account of shares                                    1,940,021                         - 
       Short-term portion of lease liability                              22,987                    22,987 
 Total current liabilities                                             2,383,836                   621,162 
           Lease liability                                               329,321                   325,917 
   Total liabilities                                                   2,713,157                   947,079 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
           Share capital                                              59,099,725                59,099,725 
           Restricted Share Units reserve                                267,669                   267,669 
           Stock options                                               2,681,546                 2,675,724 
           Foreign currency translation reserve                      (1,184,848)               (1,198,097) 
           Non-controlling interest                                     (69,681)                  (48,674) 
           Accumulated deficit                                      (45,618,866)              (44,814,249) 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
   Total Equity                                                       15,175,545                15,982,098 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 
   Total Liabilities and Equity                                       17,888,702                16,929,177 
----------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  ------------------------ 

Income Statement

                                                                        Three months ended 
                                                                             June 30, 
                                                                  2021                     2020 
                                                         ----------------------  ----------------------- 
           Interest income                                                4,524                   28,409 
                                                         ----------------------  ----------------------- 
                                                                          4,524                   28,409 
 Operating expenses : 
           Compensation costs                                           246,178                  172,304 
           Professional fees                                             70,681                   32,615 
           Operating costs (Note 18)                                    441,597                  519,677 
           General and administrative costs (Note 19)                   108,397                   87,003 
           Share-based compensation (Note 14(i))                          5,822                   12,643 
           Interest expense (Note 11)                                     3,404                        - 
           Foreign exchange gain (loss)                                (45,931)                    9,033 
                                                         ----------------------  ----------------------- 
   Total expenses                                                       830,148                  833,275 
                                                         ----------------------  ----------------------- 
 Net loss for the period                                              (825,624)                (804,866) 
           Foreign currency translation adjustment                       13,249                   36,859 
           Comprehensive loss for the period                          (812,375)                (768,007) 
                                                         ----------------------  ----------------------- 
   Net loss for the period attributed to: 
           Equity holders of the parent                               (804,617)                (804,866) 
           Non-controlling interests                                   (21,007)                        - 
                                                         ----------------------  ----------------------- 
                                                                      (825,624)                (804,866) 
                                                         ======================  ======================= 
   Basic and diluted net loss per share attributable 
    to equity holders of the parent                                      (0.00)                   (0.00) 
                                                         ======================  ======================= 
   Weighted average number of ordinary shares 
    used in computing basic and diluted net 
    loss per share                                                  184,697,723              184,697,723 
                                                         ======================  ======================= 

Cash Flow Statement

                                                              Three months ended 
                                                                   June 30, 
                                                          2021                  2020 
 Cash flow from operating activities 
 Net loss from operations                                    (825,624)             (804,866) 
 Items not affecting cash: 
   Share-based compensation                                      5,822                12,643 
   Depreciation and amortization                                19,169                     - 
   Accrued interest                                              3,404                     - 
 Changes in non--cash working capital: 
   Government receivable                                        20,614                 4,728 
   Accounts payable and accrued liabilities                  (116,781)                33,469 
   Accounts receivable and prepaid expenses                   (13,152)                     - 
   Receipt on account of shares                              1,940,021                     - 
   Advance from and amounts owing to license 
    partners                                                     5,863              (13,280) 
------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
                                                             1,039,336             (767,306) 
------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
 Cash flow from investing activities 
  Investment in associate                                 (10,000,000)                     - 
  Short-term investments                                     1,500,022                     - 
------------------------------------------------                        -------------------- 
                                                           (8,499,978)                     - 
------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
 Decrease in cash and cash equivalents                     (7,460,642)             (767,306) 
 Foreign exchange differences                                    8,313                18,422 
 Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period             11,807,309            18,667,016 
------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 
 Cash and cash equivalents, end of period                    4,354,980            17,918,132 
------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -------------------- 

Notes to the Financial Statements

Basis of Preparation

The consolidated financial statements of the Company have been prepared on a historical cost basis with the exception of certain financial instruments that are measured at fair value. Historical cost is generally based on the fair value of the consideration given in exchange for assets.

Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

Critical accounting estimates

Estimates and underlying assumptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Revisions to accounting estimates are recognized prospectively from the period in which the estimates are revised. The following are the key estimate and assumption uncertainties considered by management.

Events After the Reporting Period

   a)         Private Placement 

On July 19, 2021, the Company closed a private placement financing with Africa Oil Corp. and Charlestown Energy Partners LLC issuing a total of 14,945,913 common shares and 14,945,913 share purchase warrants exercisable for 2 years at CAD$0.47.

As a result of the financing, Africa Oil Corp.'s interest in the Company is 19.99%.


For more information, please visit www.ecooilandgas.com or contact the following :

   Eco Atlantic Oil and Gas                        c/o Celicourt +44 (0) 20 
                                                   8434 2754 
 Gil Holzman, CEO 
  Colin Kinley, COO 
  Alice Carroll, Head of Marketing and             +44(0)781 729 5070 | +1 (416) 
  IR                                               318 8272 
 Strand Hanson Limited (Financial & Nominated 
  Adviser)                                         +44 (0) 20 7409 3494 
 James Harris 
  Rory Murphy 
  James Bellman 
   Berenberg (Broker)                              +44 (0) 20 3207 7800 
 Matthew Armitt 
  Emily Morris 
  Detlir Elezi 
   Celicourt (PR)                                  +44 (0) 20 8434 2754 
 Mark Antelme 
  Jimmy Lea 
  Ollie Mills 
 Hannam & Partners (Research Advisor) 
 Neil Passmore                                   +44 (0) 20 7905 8500 

The information contained within this announcement is deemed by the Company to constitute inside information as stipulated under the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 as it forms part of United Kingdom domestic law by virtue of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

Notes to editors:

About Eco Atlantic:

Eco Atlantic is a TSX-V and AIM quoted Oil & Gas exploration and production Company with interests in Guyana and Namibia, where significant oil discoveries have been made.

The Group aims to deliver material value for its stakeholders through oil exploration, appraisal and development activities in stable emerging markets, in partnership with major oil companies.

In Guyana, Eco Guyana holds a 15% Working Interest alongside TOQAP Guyana B.V. ("TOQAP") a company jointly owned by TotalEnergies E&P Guyana B.V. (60%) and Qatar Petroleum (40%) and Operator Tullow Oil (60%) in the 1,800 km(2) Orinduik Block in the shallow water of the prospective Suriname-Guyana basin. The Orinduik Block is adjacent and updip to ExxonMobil Operated Stabroek Block, on which twenty discoveries have been announced and over 9 billion BOE recoverable resources are estimated. On 28 June 2021, Eco acquired a 6.4% interest, with the option to increase its stake to 10%, in JHI Associates Inc. a private company which holds a 17.5% WI in the 4,800km(2) Canje Block. The Canje Block is operated by ExxonMobil and is held by Working Interests partners Esso Exploration & Production Guyana Limited (35%), with TotalEnergies E&P Guyana B.V. (35%), JHI Associates (BVI) Inc. (17.5%) and Mid-Atlantic Oil & Gas Inc. (12.5%).

Jethro-1 was the first major oil discovery on Orinduik Block. The Jethro-1 encountered 180.5 feet (55 meters) of net heavy oil pay in excellent Lower Tertiary sandstone reservoirs. Joe-1 was the second discovery on the Orinduik Block and comprised of high quality oil-bearing sandstone reservoir, with a high porosity of Upper Tertiary age. The Joe-1 well encountered 52 feet (16 meters) of continuous thick sandstone.

In Namibia, the Company holds interests in four offshore petroleum licences totalling approximately 28,593km(2) with over 2.362bboe of prospective P50 resources in the Walvis Basin. These four licences, Cooper, Guy, Sharon, and Tamar are being explored with industry partners with Eco Operating and maintaining an average 60% Working Interest. Eco has been granted a drilling permit on its Cooper Block (Operator).

Eco Atlantic is a 70% shareholder in Solear Ltd., Solear is an independent private clean energy investment company focused on low cost, high yield solar development projects in southern Europe. Solear offers investors exposure to a portfolio of pre-construction opportunities across the renewable energy value chain, from Ready-to-Build to early-stage development.

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